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Stop overpaying for SEO companies that talk-the-talk but can’t walk-the-walk. Stop waiting for those pay-for-performance guys to get the job done without telling you anything about what they’re actually doing along the way. Stop putting your business at risk with risky SEO strategies that produce nothing but headaches and burned marketing dollars. Stop downloading plugin after plugin hoping the next one will “do the trick.” You have found what you’ve been looking for.

With more than 15 years of experience in the search engine optimization industry, Rob Kafka, the founder of myPRSite.com has developed relationships with some of the most powerful names in SEO. If you’ve worked with one of the top SEO Companies or “Online Advertising Companies” on Google over the last decade, there’s a good chance they were trained by Rob or one of his partners.

Once Google started becoming more sophisticated with content filtering and unnatural link detection, the SEO companies that ruled the market with black-hat tactics were finally punished for their behavior and relevant, content driven SEO strategies prevailed… the same strategies Rob taught for years.

What’s the Best SEO Plugin
Available Today?
All-In-One SEO
Page Analysis & SEO Suggestions Yes No No Yes
On Page SEO Report & Score Yes No No Yes
Keyword Recommendations Yes No Yes Yes
Optimize Page Titles & Meta Data Yes Yes No Yes
Fix 3xx, 4xx, 5xx & Canonical Errors No No No Yes
100% Relevant Linking No No No Yes
Content Writing Service No No No Yes
Analytics & Reporting Limited No Limited Yes


on off switchmy PR Site provides the highest quality link building service available today. When you sign up, our SEO Plugin will automatically detect relevant, category specific sites within our network and build natural links from those sites that benefit both your site and the linking site. Each page that links to you is from a non-competing business, just like yours, in a related category. This allows us to ensure that only relevant, value based links are built to and from your website, creating true, natural authority. You never buy a link with our SEO Plugin, we charge by the keyword and leverage elite search engine strategies and software to enable our clients to dominate their online markets while leaving absolutely no footprint.

Don’t like a link we build? No problem at all…
There’s no more disavow & removal request needed with our SEO Plugin.
Simply log in and click a button to remove the link in question.

What are you waiting for?

Start today and we won’t charge you for a full 30 days!

That’s right, sign up and actually see our program work for you before you spend a dime.

Case Study: Local Plumbing & Rooter Company

Plumber SEO Case Study

Content-vs-LinksWhile content is king, links will always be the main component in the Google search engine’s core algorithm. Building countless links and link pyramids are not only ineffective now, they are outright dangerous for your domain authority on Google. There’s nothing worse than a few bad links ruining it for the rest of the good relevant links you have, but that’s how it works now so you’re going to have to get used to it. Most companies won’t tell you this because those low tier links are all they know how to build.

Don’t be fooled, if it sounds too good to be true… it is!

There’s no way you’re going to rank when you spend $100 on a million links. Now-a-days, you’ll have to submit a request for reconsideration just to get back into the listings, and only after you have proof to show you’ve made tireless efforts to remove as many of those “unnatural links” as you possibly can. You’re better off burning your money, seriously. Don’t buy a million links, ever. You really shouldn’t be buying links at all.

Case Study: Millionaire Matchmaking Service

SEO Plugin Dashboard Example 2

Our clients have over 30,000 first page rankings, on Google, in the USA for our clients.
More than 11,000 of those first page rankings are also in the #1 position.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand on page one!

Not only does our plugin optimize your linking strategy, we write high-quality, native language content for each keyword in your campaign and automatically publish to your site for expedited search engine performance. Don’t get caught without your targeted keywords being found on your site any longer. Each of our authors researches and writes high quality articles that are valuable to potential customers and therefore, they are valuable to search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. We emphasize and optimize keyword density, exact phrase usage, end-user value, readability level and broad keyword usage for maximized SEO results. We’ll also check your website periodically for potential issues and notify you of any recommended updates or changes.

How to Get Started:

  • Decide how many keywords you’d like to target.
  • Our pricing is simple:
    • Local Keywords – $75/Month/Keyword (must include city or zip code)
    • National Keywords – $100/Month/Keyword
  • We’ll contact you to choose your keywords.
  • Install our SEO plugin on your website, or give us access and we’ll install it for you.
  • Log in and watch your rankings grow with weekly reports.
  • It’s that simple.

There is a 5 keyword minimum order and your total price will be displayed on the checkout page.

Hybrid SEO Campaigns with Local & National Keywords

To order a combination of both national and local keywords, please create one campaign, add it to your cart, then create the second campaign and add to the cart. See the example below of what your cart should look like when ordering…


There has never been a safer, more automated way to perform SEO Services and achieve first page rankings.
We’re so confident it’ll work for you, we give it away for the first 30 days, absolutely FREE!

Not getting what you expected?
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