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Bing Begins Indexing Apps By Content Rather Than Title

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Bing is broadening its Actions Intelligence to index apps based on content to improve its often murky app search results.

In a recent blog post, Bing encouraged users to begin its App Links framework to include markup that will allow the company to begin cataloging apps by content. Bing will also use Schema action vocabulary to describe the actions an app performs so that users may search apps by content instead of simply searching by name. The changes will support markup for both iOS and Android apps.

Bing has already begun crawling for app content to add to its index and encourages app developers to begin modifying links and Schema now for early inclusion. Microsoft has also begun the process of incorporating their index into all Bing-powered search results, including Cortana and Windows 10, with plans to apply those results soon.

Google Upgrades AdWords Editor to Support Labels

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Google has made a worldwide update of AdWords Editor that will offer labels, support for upgraded URLs, call-only ads, in-app mobile ads, and custom affinity audiences.

According to the AdWords blog, user feedback led to the adoption of custom labels, which will add descriptors to things like campaigns and keywords so they can be readily sorted. Users can create and edit labels by using the Labels tab in the Shared Library in AdWords Editor.google-adwords-editor-labels

AdWords will now allow businesses to sort audiences based on parental status, along with gender and age to better target key demographics.  

Other features, like upgraded URLs, have been around for a while, but since Google is asking all AdWords users to switch to upgraded URLs by July 1, the company has added support for the system in AdWords Editor. Google is also allowing users to target ads in mobile apps based on categories, such as games or shopping apps.

The blog also lists call-only ads among its upgrades, which came on the heels of Amazon’s own foray into app advertising for mobile.

Custom Thermoelectric Offers Water Blocks for Consumers and Businesses That Allow For an Ultra Efficient Method for Heat Removal

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Custom Thermoelectric has become the expert company in a wide variety of solutions. Water blocks, also known as cold plates, give consumers and business owners the best method for heat removal compared to any other product. Water blocks are four to five times more efficient in comparison to air cooled heat sinks and fans.

The consumer or business owner provides the cool liquid source. The cool liquid source is commonly water or ethylene glycol/water. The cool liquid source is then placed within the inlet of the central water block. As the liquid travels back and forth among various chambers of the water block, heat begins to be removed from the general scope of the space.


Radiator closed loops contain a liquid such as water, propylene glycol, or a mix of both that also enter the water block at various ambient air temperatures. The liquid then goes into a cooled fan that radiates of a sufficient size to cool the liquid back to the standard ambient temperature. This is one of the most sophisticated and accomplished heat removal solutions.


Custom Thermoelectric is a company that specializes in on-device temperature control. These temperature control devices can help in cooling, heating, and heat pumping that help consumers and businesses. Other products available include uni-polar boost converters, bi-polar boost converters, and step down DC-DC converter. The optimal construction of the volt converters allow consumers and business owners to experience the best quality equipment for heating solutions. The best thermoelectric partner is Custom Thermoelectric who can find solutions to any consumer or business owner’s needs.


For more information on DC converter circuit generators from the expert team at Custom Thermoelectric, please visit their extraordinary website customthermoelectric.com

Please send all media inquiries to support@netsuccessusa.com

Custom Thermoelectric Creates Comprehensive Thermoelectric Circuits For Optimal Use for Homes, Businesses, and Engineers

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Custom Thermoelectric is a top of the line manufacturer of thermoelectric devices. Thermoelectric devices are commonly known as peltier devices, thermoelectric coolers, and TEC’s. The company continues to grow incredible semiconductor crystals. The semi conductor crystals assist in the process and assembly of every piece of material. The process and assemble is coordinated within the confines of the Custom Thermoelectric offices in the assurance of delivering the most high quality thermoelectric module to the consumer, business owner, and engineer.

The company also prides itself in specializing in creating and developing a variety of devices. These specialized and custom constructed devices are not available in any retail store but only available from the expert team at Custom Thermoelectric. Among the custom qualities that Custom Thermoelectric can help in the design process for the consumer and business owner include: a different performance parameter, a custom amperage and voltage, an embedded sensor, and special environmental capabilities which range from high G or high temperature. Custom Thermoelectric can help consumers and business owners construct detailed custom assemblies for any type of custom thermoelectric device.

The company has vast experience in developing a device for any need. Needs for many of their clients range from single prototype or hundreds of unique assemblies for a future product for an engineer. Every element of voltage created by through the design is precisely in proportion to the exact temperature difference between two junctions. Bi-polar boost converters and uni-polar boost converters are commonly used in the construction process by the design team at Custom Thermoelectric. This attention to detail in design craft is what makes the team at Custom Thermoelectric stand out from the competition.

For more information on how the expert team at Custom Thermoelectric can design thermoelectric devices for a vast range of needs for consumers, business owners, and engineers,  please visit their extraordinary website customthermoelectric.com

Please send all media inquiries to support@netsuccessua.com

Ready for Summer? High Quality and Cost-Effective Power Generators for AC Units Now Available Nationwide at CustomThermoelectric.com!

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Another scorching summer is right around the corner… are you ready for the hot summer months, that never seem to end? Prepare your home, office, and workspace with high quality and cost-effective power generators for AC unites from the trusted team at Custom Thermoelectric! Custom Thermoelectric are the leaders in cooling technology nationwide. Custom Thermoelectric is a company dedicated to providing the best thermoelectric products at the most cost effective price. The experts at Custom Thermoelectric manufacturer DC converter circuits designed for thermoelectric power generators. Power generators are designed to be either stable or portable. Power generators are known to power anything from a tank to medical equipment and up to a rocket ship launching into space for NASA.

Each device is created by Custom Thermoelectric engineers and is designed to suit specific requirements. The specific requirements put forth a threshold of design qualities that include physical size, thermal performance, power consumption, and environment requirements. All DC converter circuits are specifically created for thermoelectric power generators. Voltage is also essential to help design for a space. Custom Thermoelectric can design a low voltage up and down DC-DC converter to help lower electric bills. A 6 to 36 volt step up DC-DC converter. There are also uni-polar boost converter and a bi-polar boost converter to help spark an abundance of electricity through a low cost system.

Custom Thermoelectric is the premier company to generate power. The dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy team at Custom Thermoelectric, go above and beyond for each and every customer. Always innovative, cost-effective, and the highest quality makes Custom Thermoelectric the best choice any person or family can make.

To learn more, browse the large inventory and find the product that is right for you, please visit customthermoelectric.com

Please send all media inquiries to support@netsuccessusa.com

Custom Thermoelectric Now Offering Leading Thermoelectric Devices Including DC Converter Circuits Nationwide

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Custom Thermoelectric is the leading company to manufacture thermoelectric devices, including DC convertor circuits nationwide. Custom Thermoelectric manufactures the best thermoelectric devices. The foremost company grows the BiTe semiconductor crystals and processes and assembles all materials in-house to deliver the final product – a thermoelectric module.


Custom Thermoelectric specializes in devices that cannot be found “off the shelf”. This can be an unusual size, a different performance parameter, a custom amperage and/or voltage, an embedded sensor, special environmental capabilities such as high G or high temperature, or just about anything an engineer or product designer can dream up. Custom Thermoelectric also builds custom assemblies that use thermoelectric devices. The expert team has extensive experience in assemblies for just about any purpose whether it is a “one off” single prototype or 500 assemblies for a production product.


Custom Thermoelectric offers standard TEC’s in stock and ready for immediate shipment through their exclusive online store. Individuals can purchase their cost-effective, high performance, series in the most commonly needed configurations. All TEC’s are capable of withstanding high temperatures from 125°C up to 200°C. The company also offers volume pricing, mini TEC’s and rectangular modules.  Custom Thermoelectric specializes in DC converter circuits designed to be used with thermoelectric power generators. Custom Thermoelectric’s foremost online site provides a wide variety of descriptions and tools. They also offer guides to help with TEC Mounting, Discover what TEC users have, Sample Designs, Suggestions, and a complete history.



Custom Thermoelectric are the leaders in making thermoelectric cooling devices for on-device temperature control such as cooling, heating, and heat pumping, and also Thermoelectric Power Generation. The company utilizes 100% part inspection (no sampling) and testing to ensure a high quality product that will last the life of each individual’s equipment. Custom Thermoelectric prides itself on offering unusual sizes and custom configuration, not found elsewhere. All Standard TECs, Seebeck Power Generators, Power Supplies, and Accessories are currently in stock and ready to ship and priced competitively.


To learn more log on to, http://www.customthermoelectric.com/ or call 443-926-9135 for further information.

Please send all media inquiries to support@netsuccessusa.com

Avnet Technology Solutions Joins Forces with Cloud Provider Intermedia

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Avnet Technology Solutions, the global IT solutions distribution leader and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), today expanded its portfolio to include Office in the Cloud™ services from Intermedia, a one-stop shop for cloud IT. Avnet will provide Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud™ services to its U.S. and Canada partners. This includes essential cloud IT services their customers need to do business – including email, voice, file syncing and sharing, identity and access management, security, and archiving.

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud services will be available to partners through Avnet Cloud Solutions. This team provides a simplified approach to the cloud. Avnet helps partners go to market with cost-effective cloud ready solutions that provide the flexibility and reliability that their customers and end-user clients need.

“Avnet’s new alliance with Intermedia further enables our Avnet Cloud Solutions team to supply our partners with strategic guidance, resources and packaged offerings to quickly build and grow subscription- and consumption-based cloud solutions for their customers,” said Tim FitzGerald, vice president of Cloud Solutions, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “The addition of Intermedia to Avnet’s ecosystem of world-class cloud providers and unmatched training and enablement make it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective than ever for partners to transition their customers to cloud-based environments.”

Avnet partners will have access to Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud suite, which includes email, phone systems, file sync share, identity and access management, archiving, security, mobility and many more cloud services. Intermedia also offers the choice between multi-tenant and private cloud offerings for certain services.

Partners will also be able to help their customers easily and efficiently manage these cloud solutions by utilizing the Avnet Cloud Toolset (ACT). Launched in November 2014, ACT helps partners in the U.S. and Canada govern, consolidate, manage and track cloud accounts across multiple cloud providers. With ACT, partners have full visibility into Intermedia provision accounts, provision cloud services and cloud spending, as well as invoices that accurately track individual and aggregate cloud usage for their organizations. At the same time, partners maintain all the benefits of being an Intermedia partner, such as Intermedia’s HostPilot® Control Panel, which integrates control over partners’ Intermedia user accounts, services and devices from one powerful web-based control panel. Avnet’s partners will own the customer billing and the overall relationships under their respective brands with Intermedia’s Private Label and complete reseller programs.

“Intermedia is a natural fit for Avnet partners that demand superior levels of security, reliability and control,” said Michael Gold, president of Intermedia. “We’re excited to work jointly with Avnet to help their partners grow their businesses with our integrated suite of cloud services.”

Avnet partners also benefit from Avnet CloudReady™, Avnet’s approach to helping the channel community move their customers’ businesses to the cloud, as well as the extensive experience and knowledge base of the Avnet Cloud Solutions and Avnet Services teams. Avnet has proven technical expertise to assess and deliver optimal public, private or hybrid cloud solutions that best suit partners’ and their customers’ needs.

Partners interested in learning more about how Avnet and Intermedia can help expand their cloud businesses can visit the Avnet Cloud Solutions website – www.avnetcloudready.com – or contact their Avnet Cloud account development manager.

Learn more about Avnet’s cloud solutions through the Avnet Cloud Solutions Blog.

Watch Avnet’s videos on the cloud: http://www.youtube.com/user/AvnetCloudSolutions/featured.

Follow Avnet Technology Solutions, North America, on Twitter: @AvnetAdvantage and @AvnetTSChannels.

Click to tweet: Avnet has announced a partnership with #cloud provider @Intermedia_net http://avnet.me/74381.

All brands and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks, and are the properties of their respective owners. Avnet disclaims any proprietary interest in marks other than its own.

About Avnet Technology Solutions

As a global IT solutions distributor, Avnet Technology Solutions transforms technology into business solutions for customers around the world. It collaborates with customers and suppliers to create and deliver services, software and hardware solutions that address the changing needs of end-user customers. The group serves customers and suppliers in North America, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East and Africa. It generated US $11.0 billion in annual revenue for fiscal year 2014. Avnet Technology Solutions is an operating group of Avnet, Inc. For more information, visit ats.avnet.com.

About Avnet, Inc.

Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), a Fortune 500 company, is one of the largest distributors of electronic components, computer products and embedded technology serving customers globally. Avnet accelerates its partners’ success by connecting the world’s leading technology suppliers with a broad base of customers by providing cost-effective, value-added services and solutions. For the fiscal year ended June 28, 2014, Avnet generated revenue of $27.5 billion. For more information, visit www.avnet.com.

About Intermedia

Intermedia is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. Its Office in the Cloud™ integrates email, voice, file sync and share, security and many other essential IT services—and supports customers and partners with a Worry-free Experience™.

Lynx Technology Partners Appoints Acknowledged Security, Risk, and Privacy Expert Bobby Dominguez as Chief Strategy …

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Lynx Technology Partners (Lynx), today announced that Bobby Dominguez, a highly respected risk management veteran, has joined the company as Chief Strategy Security Officer (CSSO). Mr. Dominguez is an accomplished, results-driven leader in the security community and brings over 27-years of award-winning excellence aligning business with security innovation.

“Lynx is committed to helping its clients achieve the highest performance as we’re blazing a new trail in the GRC industry, fusing strategy and security for optimal results,” said Aric K. Perminter, Chairman and CEO of Lynx. “We believe the appointment of Mr. Dominguez aligns perfectly with our business objectives and his extensive experience will strengthen Lynx’s ability to deliver the best IT security solutions to our customers.”

Mr. Dominguez has successfully integrated information security into top level business initiatives at well-known companies like Home Shopping Network, PSCU Financial Services, and most recently PNC Bank, where he implemented a new technology risk management framework.

Additional accomplishments include the selection of his Sykes Global Security and Risk Management team by SC Magazine as one of the 5 best security teams in the US in 2008. Mr. Dominguez was also selected as one of the top 5 Chief Security Officers for the SC Magazine “CSO of the Year’ award in 2009, 2010, and 2013. In 2012, he was a finalist for the (ISC)2 Americas Information Security Leadership Awards.

He currently serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the FBI Infragard, Board member of ISSA Tampa Bay, and an active member of the US Secret Service Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force.

He is a recognized professional in the security field, having contributed to the publication of several ANSI security standards and holds multiple certifications, including ASIS CPP, SANS GSLC, (ISC)2 CISSP, ISACA CRISC, ITIL, EC Council C|CISO, PMI PMP, and Program Management Mastery.

“Bobby Dominguez has the reputation as a highly influential security executive, and it is a privilege to have him on the Lynx team,” said Gina Mahin, Chief Operating Officer of Lynx. “He will bring invaluable experience and an enhanced perspective to Lynx, aiding in our mission to help our customers to improve security posture, facilitate compliance, reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency while moving forward with business objectives in a seamless manner.”

About Lynx Technology Partners

Lynx Technology Partners is the trusted information security and risk management advisor that customers in highly regulated industries worldwide depend on to improve security posture, facilitate compliance, reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency. With world-class skills and knowledge capital built over 30 years, Lynx security experts help customers recognize and control IT-related risks and maintain compliance with major industry and government standards. Through consulting, assessments, tests, managed security services and a proprietary GRC solution, Lynx supports many critical projects per year for security-conscious leaders in Energy, Financial Services, Federal, Healthcare and Higher Education. For more information please visit http://lynxtp.com/.


Media Contact:
Lorraine Kauffman-Hall, 704-882-0443

Terra Technology Named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in Supply Chain Planning

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Terra Technology today announced that it has been named a “Cool Vendor” in the Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Planning, 2015 report published March 31, 2015 by Gartner. Terra Technology is recognized for its Transportation Forecasting solution that provides forward visibility for logistics and allows companies to accurately predict warehouse and transportation requirements by lane, mode and temperature class across the supply chain.

According to the Gartner report, “Transportation Forecasting becomes increasingly important as capacity tightens and shippers are challenged to find a carrier willing to move a load for a reasonable rate. Transportation Forecasting allows users to plan ahead for special shipping requirements and also provides benefits to a company’s warehouse operations. Once accurate daily forecasts are available, leaders can further cut costs through warehouse labor synchronization. The combination of predictable truck movements and confidence in daily flow of goods through distribution centers enables proactive cross-docking to increase warehouse efficiency and significantly reduce safety stock requirements. The result is less handling and a faster flow of goods, better warehouse utilization with each location supporting more sales, higher return on capital invested in inventory and lower operating costs.”

“We are honored to be selected as a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner,” said Robert F. Byrne, CEO of Terra Technology. “Synchronized planning across the supply chain and end-to-end optimization is opening new opportunities to improve service, cut unnecessary costs and improve productivity. In logistics, capacity constraints and increasingly selective carriers require that shippers be proactive in predicting future freight demand, yet transportation remains largely unplanned beyond the orders on hand. Transportation Forecasting fills this gap for some of the world’s largest manufacturers such as Procter Gamble, Mondelēz International, Kraft Foods and General Mills.”

About Terra Technology

Terra Technology uses better mathematics to sense demand, optimize inventory and predict transportation and warehousing requirements for some of the world’s best-known companies including Shell, Procter Gamble, Unilever, Mondelēz International, Kimberly-Clark, AkzoNobel, Kraft Foods, General Mills, Reckitt Benckiser, ConAgra Foods, Kellogg, Campbell Soup and others. Terra invented demand sensing in 2002, offering the first solution to use retailer data systematically to improve supply chain efficiency, enhance service, cut inventory and reduce waste. Terra’s solutions are used in more than 160 countries. Information on how Terra enables a truly integrated supply chain can be found at terratechnology.com.


Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in our research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Micron, Intel Expand Alliance to Deploy 3D NAND Technology

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Last week, semiconductor behemoths Micron Technology Inc. MU and Intel INTC unveiled a mutually developed 3D NAND technology to meet the growing demand for personal storage and also cater to the media and entertainment market. Micron and Intel have a partnership for NAND development since 2006.

Equipped with floating gate cells that provide three times higher ability to store data than other NAND technology, Micron addresses its customers’ performance and storage requirements through this 3D NAND technology. It also helps its customers fulfill their cost and deliver enhanced performance for networking customers.

The NAND Flash market is expanding at a rapid pace. Demand is propelled by smartphones and solid-state drives that are utilized in personal computers (PCs) as well as enterprise data centers. We believe that key technology inflections in areas like 3D NAND will boost growth and profitability of the company, going forward.

A NAND device enables faster application loading, speedy data synchronization in the cloud and higher streaming capabilities for an enhanced user experience. We believe that Micron’s entry into the 3D NAND market can help Micron increase its NAND market share.

The company derives roughly 28% of its revenues from the NAND Flash market. Micron is the fourth largest player in the NAND Flash segment, after Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk SNDK. We believe that the long-term NAND supply agreement with Intel will help Micron outperform the NAND market.

According to TrendForce, 3D NAND currently accounts for a mere 3% of the NAND Flash industry’s overall supply. However, it presumes that the 3D NAND’s share of the market share will reach 20% by 2015. Moreover, according to IHS research, 3D NAND technology will account for approximately 66% of total flash shipments by 2017.

Given these factors, we expect Micron to strengthen its market position against the likes of SanDisk.

Additionally, we believe that the acquisitions of Rexchip and Elpida will help Micron’s share in the memory market. The aforesaid acquisition also brought Apple Inc. AAPL onto the customer roster, which is a positive for future growth.

Micron has a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).

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