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Feds Will Need Warrant to Use Cellphone Scanning Technology Known as ‘Stingrays’

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In a major policy shift, the Justice Department announced today that the FBI, DEA and U.S. Marshals Service will now have to obtain a warrant before using a cellphone scanning device to track down wanted criminals. Until today, those law enforcement agencies have been able to use those devices — commonly known as Stingrays — virtually at will.

DOJ officials confirmed today that Stingrays are widely used by federal, state and local law enforcement in criminal investigations: the U.S. Marshals Service has a fleet of planes stationed at airports around the country equipped with Stingrays to hunt for federal fugitives. The FBI says it has used the technology in high-profile kidnapping cases, and the DEA often employs it to run down drug dealers. Baltimore police have acknowledged using Stingray technology on more than 4,000 cases since 2007.

The Stingray technology can locate a specific suspect by scanning thousands of phones to pinpoint the suspect’s phone signal. But the cellphones and locations of thousands of innocent people can be ‘pinged’ by a Stingray while it is searching for a suspect’s phone in the sea of digital signals. Some privacy advocates have raised concerns, and charge that the technology violates the rights of cellphone users whose location is swept up in the search for a criminal.

Federal and local law enforcement officials traditionally have been reluctant to talk about how the technology works, and when and how they employ it. Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates said today law enforcement officials have not wanted to disclose much about Stingrays, because they didn’t want to “give the bad guys a road map on how to defeat it.”

In announcing the policy change, Yates said the Stingray technology has been “instrumental in aiding law enforcement in a broad array of investigations, including kidnapping, fugitive investigations and complicated narcotics cases.” But she conceded that there were no consistent guidelines in federal law enforcement for the use of Stingrays. She could not even say how many times federal agents have used Stingrays in the recent past.

“The cell simulators do not collect any content,” Yates pointed out, but “this new policy ensures our protocols for this technology are consistent, well-managed and respectful of individuals’ privacy and civil liberties.”

In addition to the requirement to obtain a search warrant, the new policy:

Membo: Most Advanced Memory Management App for Android

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September 1, 2015, United States- Membo is a powerful mobile Memory Management App specially designed for Android Smartphone users. This new dynamic app is compatible with almost all Android OS smartphones, and is fully capable of monitoring the mobile system in the background, while allowing the user to free the resources when needed.

It gives users with a quick and easy overview of their phone’s memory, where they can see the running apps and kill memory hogs immediately. Moreover, users can extend the battery life of their phone by using built in tools. In other words, it gives smartphone users the power to properly manage the memory of their phone, and keep their Android smartphone running faster and efficiently. It allows the users to boost their smartphone’s performance by making more memory available for both the mobile system and the applications.

Some of the Key Benefits of Using Membo:
•    No more lagging of phone after prolonged use
•    Prevents backgrounds apps from wasting phone’s battery
•    Boosts the performance of phone and prevents it from becoming unresponsive

The Membo app represents the best technical and design efforts that brings smartphone users a technically advanced, yet user-friendly memory management utility.

For more information, simply visit: http://memboapp.com/

Contact Person: Jarl Borg
Phone: 9999999999
Email: snel365@gmail.com

A New Mobile App Introduces Neural Network Vision for Pictures

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A new app for android users called Deep Dream Photo Filter comes with various features like zooming endlessly into their photos or psychedelically distorting the photos in order to make them look weirdly attractive so as to enable everyone to enjoy the fun of neural networks.

A new mobile app called ‘Deep Dream Photo Filter’ has come up with advanced options like zooming endlessly into their photos or distorting the photos in order to make them look weirdly attractive so as to enable one to enjoy the fun of neural networks.

The underlying concept is to let artificial neural networks, that have been trained on thousands of images from the internet, hallucinate their way of seeing the world onto the photos of the app user.

This is an app for android phones and the users need to have 2.3.3 version or higher. The app is already getting popularity because of the various special options it provides that make it easier to produce digital art.

It is noteworthy that in today’s world of enhanced social media interaction people are always looking for ways to improve their online presence and thus, photography is one of the mediums via which they try to improve their appearance. So, people are always welcoming new styles which could provide them with that special touch for their visual art. So, in this regards the app Deep Dream is a beautiful app as it lets people have unlimited, creative fun with their photos.

There are various functions of the app that people find remarkably appealing. One of those is the ‘Zoom Journey’ that allows one to go as far as they want into the image and make further new discoveries. Then, there is the ‘Dream Deeper’ button which enables one to repeat the last image dream and make it stranger and even more fantastic. And finally, the ‘Guide Image’ function lets the user select an image that serves as a pair of tinted sunglasses, so to speak, through which the neural network will interpret the world – The user creates their very own and unique style.

For more information, please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.scydev.inceptionisme and http://deepdream.bitwhirl.com/

Lukas Saegesser
ScyDev GmbH
Email: apps@scydev.ch

Rokit Boost Announces the Launch of Omni-Charge 6 Ports USB Charging Hub

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Rokit Boost, a company dedicated to delivering efficient yet affordable mobile accessories, has recently launched the Omni-Charge 6 Ports USB Charging Hub. Packed with impressive features, this new product promises to be a great purchase for the all mobile devices’ users.

New York, NY (September 01, 2015) –  Rokit Boost is delighted to announce the launch of yet another high-quality mobile accessory in the form of their latest innovation, the Omni-Charge 6 Ports USB Charger. The company has already carved a niche in the mobile accessories market by designing several products that have helped users make the most efficient use of their favorite mobile devices. Equipped with as many as six charging ports, the company’s new release Omni-Charge has been designed to provide super-fast charging experience to the users of iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and Android devices.

Some of the most noteworthy features of this 6 port USB hub are as follows

• All six ports of the product are compatible with all smart devices. Therefore, users can plug their phone or tablet in any of the ports. The charger detects the devices, and provides the optimum voltage required for charging each of the six devices.

• Super-fast charging is a key benefit of this product. It is capable of delivering the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port. This charger requires less than 2.5 hours to charge an iPad mini completely from zero. This speed is an hour faster compared to its own charger.

• The six ports present in the charger centralize all the charging requirements, and relieve users from running around to look for cables and wall plugs.

• Excellent safety features with support for over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection. The product has been manufactured from materials that are resistant to fire and high temperature.

The complete package of Omni-Charge multi port USB charger comprises of the charger, 5ft detachable power cord, and two cable organizers. Rokit Boost is offering one year warranty. Omni-Charge is currently up for sale on Amazon and Rokit Boost’s official website. Company sources reveal that the product will be available very soon on NewEgg.

Within a very short lifespan, Omni-Charge has already received excellent feedback from the users. A highly impressed Amazon shopper recommends the product saying, “You don’t have designated ports for tablets, and others for phones. They all detect your device and charge it as needed. This is awesome! I don’t need to find my glasses and read the tiny writings next to each port. Charges really fast too. Very happy with my purchase. Good job Rokit Boost.”

To know more about this USB charging station, please visit http://amztk.com/omni-charge

About Rokit Boost:
Rokit Boost is a pioneer of affordable, high-quality mobile accessories. Whether they are innovations including iPhone charger cases, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless Bluetooth speakers/microphones, Rokit Boost’s team seeks to add substantial enhancements to great existing products. The company also offers a refurbishment program of certified products for exceptional customer value, at reduced pricing.

For more information, please visit http://www.rokitboost.com/omni-charge

Dexter Industries Launches First Ever Robot Subscription Service!

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GoBox is a GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot with a new Mission and a new sensor delivered to your door every month, starting this Holiday 2015 season.

Washington, D.C. September 1, 2015 – Dexter Industries, an educational robotics company, today launched GoBox, their fourth Kickstarter project. GoBox is a monthly subscription of robot Missions that are designed for a child (ages 7 and up) to do with the help of an adult. The intent of GoBox is to make learning computer programming and technology accessible to everyone. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge of robotics, and takes you step-by-step through building your own robot and learning how to program it to do all kinds of cool things!

The first month’s GoBox Mission comes with a complete robot kit, the GoPiGo, for you to build and start learning how to program. The GoPiGo is based on the Raspberry Pi, a $35 single board computer developed by a UK foundation designed to teach young people how to program. Each month, subscribers will get a new sensor to attach to your GoPiGo robot, along with a Mission complete with beautiful illustrations and links to helpful videos.

This past Father’s Day, ten parent-child teams gathered at NOVA LABS, a community Makerspace in Reston, VA, to try GoBox for themselves. Parents of all skill levels worked side-by-side with their child to build their GoPiGo robot car, and decorate and program it to look and act like an animal of their choice.  Within a few hours, there were cheetahs, bats, moths, and spiders crawling around the floor of the lab!

“I’ve really never done anything like this before with my son, and it was so easy and fun – I couldn’t believe it!” said participant Lily Griffin, mother of 12-year old Ryan.

Dave Bock, a software developer, came to get one of his triplets more interested in technology. “It was fun to see the creative side come out, along with learning technical concepts about motors and programming.”

Key Features of GoBox:
* No prior experience or knowledge required – beginners welcome!
* Monthly Missions that slowly build on each other and keep you engaged – the key to success!
* Missions use Scratch, an easy-to-use drag/drop language developed by MIT.

Full Press Kit with photos available here:http://bit.ly/1Iz5RyJ

About Dexter Industries
Dexter Industries, a growing educational robotics company, was founded in 2010 by John Cole to develop products that make open source robotics technology more accessible to everyone.

More information on the GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot car: http://www.dexterindustries.com/GoPiGo

www.dexterindustries.com | https://www.facebook.com/dexterindustries | @dexterind

Taryn Sullivan

HDFury Launches yet another path breaking device – the HDCP Doctor, HDFury Integral

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System Integrators and advanced users can rejoice as the HDFury Integral is a device that has been built specifically for them and boasts of 4K 60 4:4:4 600 MHz and is of 18 Gbps capable, along with several other features that have never been integrated into a device before.

HDFury Integral is a brand new device that is supportive of the maximum bandwidth available along with its capacity to transfer data as per the HDMI2.0a max standards. There is also a host of other features that make it stand out from the mass.

Not only is this versatile device technology – forward, but at the same time, it also has an irresistible aesthetic appeal. To put it in simpler terms, this HDFury Integral device is a cross between a UHD Audio / Video device similar to the multipurpose and versatile Swiss knife. Similarly, just like a Swiss Knife, this HDFury Integral enables users to undertake myriad activities like controlling a device or configuring it and even performing operations on the device remotely using an Android or Apple powered smartphone or tablet.

Some of the many functions that this HDFury Integral can perform include acting as a splitter as well as an HDCP and HDMI Doctor. In addition to this it can also extract and replace audio and at the same time, it also looks after Matrix and EDID Management and much more making it a versatile device that must be a part of every technology lover’s arsenal. It boasts of 2 inputs as well as 2 outputs and therefore, one will never have any issues when watching TV ever again. Its futuristic appeal enables users to be more tech – savvy and they can essentially get a glimpse into the world of advanced TV viewing without any disruption.

Some of the most important features of the HDFury Integral 4K 60 4:4:4 600 MHz 18 Gbps include:

1. Complete control and flexibility:
HDFury Integral is not defined by rigidity but in fact, it is the exact opposite giving complete control to the user. The app for HDFury Integral is coming soon on both the Google Playstore as well as the Apple Store and can be used on both the smartphone as well as tablet, all it requires is an active Bluetooth connection. In addition to this, one can also use IR control and other kinds of buttons for additional and advanced configurations.

2. Extremely unique in its benefits:
It is the ultimate HDCP doctor. When an HDCP1.x or an HDCP2.x source device wishes to connect to its corresponding sink devices, HDFury Integral not only makes this connection possible by undertaking any HDCP revision and converts it on the fly exceptionally. It also supports dual conversions and it does so simultaneously.

3. HDCP 2.2 content can be viewed on devices that do not support it:
4K60 UHD Content is usually protected by the copy protection scheme that is offered by HDCP 2.2. Therefore, there are a growing number of source devices, Netflix, for instance, that use this 4K encoding system and therefore, any device that does not comply with the HDCP 2.2 standard usually cannot play that on their TV. Irrespective of the amount that you’ve spent on other devices like switchers and receivers, any kind of copy – protected work is very unlikely to be played to the user unless they have used HDFury Integral as part of their setup process.

4. HDMI Extraction of Audio:
One of the most distinctive features of the HDFury Integral is its ability to extract HDMI audio seamlessly and at the same time, using the 3.5 mm combo jack connector; it can get an output of analog L/R Stereo and optical S/PDIF simultaneously.

5. Greater and more effective conversion:
In the usual cases, past UHD TV sets that were sold are equipped to accommodate 4K 60 4:2:0 300 MHz and 10.2Gbps. The Integral device is capable of converting a 4K 60 4:4:4 600MHz signal (18Gbps) into a suitable stream for the pre-HDCP2.2 or pre-HDMI2.0a 4K displays. This helps resolve major TV viewing issues. However, brand new TV sets that use highly advanced and superior graphics engine to support 4K 60 4:4:4 600 MHz and 18Gbps stream are effectively supported by HDFury Integral individually per channel or simultaneously.

6. EDID Management:
The EDID Management solution is new and improved with options that enable one to upload Custom EDID, Self generated Automix EDID or a Fixed Basic EDID.

“With HDfury Integral, we are bringing an universal and legal solution to HDCP 2.2 integration issues.”

The HDFury Integral is available for preorder and potential customers can get their hands on this versatile device in October. The ones who sign up for the preorder also stand a chance to get their HDFury Integral at an additional 25% discount. All one has to do is use the coupon code INTEGRAL when checking out.

To purchase, one can visit: http://www.hdfury.com/integral-4k-60p-24bits-444-600mhz-18gbps-hdcp-doctor/

Legendsky Tech Co. Ltd.
Peng Yung Ge Jingli
Mansion No.48 Beili Road South
Shenzhen ROC
Name: Ken Taurus
Email: hdfury@126.com
Phone: +12027336192
Website: http://www.hdfury.com/

GlobalShareware Releases iFoneMate iPhone Data Recovery

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New iPhone Data Recovery SoftwareHelps Secure and Retrieve Data from Lost, Stolen and Damaged Devices

AUSTIN, Texas – GlobalShareware announced today the release of iFoneMate iPhone Data Recovery. The software facilitates the recovery of data from lost, stolen and damaged iOS 8 devices.

The software can be used for iPhone message recovery, iPhone video recovery and to retrieve call logs, notes, photos, text messages, calendars and other data.

To learn more about how to use iFoneMate iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve deleted data from iPhone, visit www.globalshareware.com. The software is available for Windows and Mac.


For more information:

Contact Person: Sales Manager John
Address: 1501 S. Mopac Expressway, Suite 400,Austin,78746
Phone: 512-314-0000
Email: fastsupport@globalshareware.com

6 Quick Tips to Prevent SEO Annotations from Becoming a Chore

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It’s an issue that plagues many SEOs and digital marketers everywhere. We get so tied up coming up with strategies, implementing tactics, and measuring results that we forget to create simple notes and reminders of events both small and large, which could impact our campaigns.

Taking the time to notate our observances can seem like a misuse of valuable time when compared to actually implementing tactics. But the fact is, the better we annotate in the moment, the more efficient we will be when we report on the successes and learnings of a strategy or tactic. Here are six quick ways for you to make annotating part of your weekly SEO and digital marketing habits, rather than treating it like a chore:

1. Determine What Warrants an Annotation

You first need to come up with or re-evaluate your own definition of what warrants an annotation or an event. You can define this by the type of event – content marketing campaign launch, email blast, technical site change. Or define it by the potential impact of an event be it traffic change, keyword ranking change, major year-over-year change in traffic, or ranking or revenue. How you prefer to define an event is up to you and the needs for your business, but it’s important to establish a baseline for what you should be tracking.

2. If You Think It, Write It

Just because you don’t have the time to properly record a note in the tool or spreadsheet you use to keep track of a new page going live or a canonical tag being implemented, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t record it at all. Keep a notepad at your desk specifically for these “think it, write it” moments where you can quickly jot down the date or detail of a certain change that needs to be recorded, but you don’t have time to properly annotate right that second.

3. Make Time to Properly Annotate

If you let it pile up, this “tip” may not be so quick to execute. However, if you set aside 15 minutes – I like every Friday morning – to add the notes you’ve made throughout the week to your formal annotation tool, you’re less likely to fall behind or find yourself asking three months from now, “What caused this three-day traffic spike?” A quick note would tell you that the spike was caused by an email marketing campaign.


4. Enlist Help

You may not be working on a one-man team, which means some things worth annotating may occur without your direct knowledge. By setting up a system with your counterparts, you can ensure nothing falls through the cracks. This means establishing a means of communication for these types of scenarios that is easy for both you and the rest of your team. Create a specific email template or shared document to help get these updates communicated quickly and easily. If you use an email template, ask your team to send you a brief note that includes the date and type of event, as well as major notes or takeaways.

5. Decide What to Measure

If the roadblock that’s keeping you from annotating properly is the fact that it’s not the best use of your time in the moment, make annotating about how it will help you when the next reporting cycle roles around. In your notes, include a short list of items that you should be measuring or looking back on to compare YoY to fully understand the impact of the event you’re annotating.

6. Evaluate Your Process

About once a quarter, it’s ideal for you to review the annotations you’ve made throughout the past three months. By doing this you can determine a few things:

  1. Did you fall short on your annotations? If you only have a couple of notes about major events or updates that occurred, then you probably aren’t notating as much as you should.
  2. Are your notes concise and helpful? If you include information like dates, major takeaways, and follow up steps for reporting, then you likely have enough valuable information to make it useful in the months ahead.
  3. Are you over-annotating? If you have notes that are superfluous or too detailed, you’ll be less likely to use your annotations as a point of reference. Make sure you’re recording the medium to big rocks so that you’re encouraged to use your annotation notes as a resource. By over-annotating, you are likely to never look back on your notes or fall into the “this isn’t the best use of my time” trap.

I like to set up my annotations so I can easily sort and filter by time periods or types of changes that need to be noted. You can also notate directly within a tool like Google Analytics. Your record keeping system doesn’t have to be fancy to be useful.


What are your secrets for keeping annotating easy and useful?

Fulcrum Technologies Presenting at OSP Expo

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Fulcrum Technologies’ Brian Hodges and Mark Bourgointo present Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions at the OSP Expo on September 3, 2015 with strategic partner Subex.

SEATTLE, WA.— August31, 2015 —Today Fulcrum Technologies, makers of the CATS Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) software, announced their participation as a key presenter at the OSP Expo in Denver Colorado on September 3rdat 9:15 AM Mountain Time. Fulcrum partner Subex Limited, a leading provider of Business and Operations Support Systems (B/OSS), will be co-presenting their integratednetwork discoverysoftware. The joint solution lets CSPs get visibility, gain insight, and take control of their new, existing, and stranded assets.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need accurate information about the “as is” state of their networks in order to properly manage and account for the deep investments made in these networks.The partnership between Fulcrum, whose softwareis used by 3 of the 4 largest telecom providers in North America, and Subex, which has more than 300 installations across 70 countries globally, underscores both companies’ commitments to providing CSPs with a complete picture of how their network assets are returning value over their lifecycle.

About Fulcrum Technologies™, Inc.
Fulcrum is the leading provider of Asset Lifecycle Management solutions for Communication Service Providers,including wireless and wire-line telecom carriers andInternet and cable providers. Fulcrum’s CATS software allowscompaniesto track the status of their infrastructure assets in real-time while automatically synchronizing with other back-office systems. CATS enhances operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and profitability by improving capital equipment utilization, rationalizing spares allocation, and streamlining return and repair processes. Fulcrum is used by 3 of the 4 largest telecom providers in North America and has recently been selected by one of the world’s largest providers in APAC. To learn how to get visibility, gain perspective, and take control of your physical assets, please visit www.fulcrum.net.

About Subex Limited
Subex Limited is a leading global provider of Business and Operations Support Systems (B/OSS) that empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to achieve competitive advantage through Business Optimization, thereby enabling them to improve their operational efficiency to deliver enhanced service experiences to subscribers.

The company pioneered the concept of a Revenue Operations Centre (ROC®) – a centralized approach that sustains profitable growth and financial health through coordinated operational control. Subex’s product portfolio powers the ROC and its best-in-class solutions such as revenue assurance, fraud management, asset assurance, capacity management, data integrity management, credit risk management, cost management, route optimization, and partner settlement. Subex’s customers include 29 of top 50 operators* and 33 of the world’s 50 biggest# telecommunications service providers worldwide. The company has more than 300 installations across 70 countries.

Contact us:
Fulcrum Technologies:
Brian Hodges
Sales inquiries: Sales@fulcrum.net
Press inquiries: PR@fulcrum.net

Ocycall Speaks About Its Latest Features for Free Audio-Video Calls and Chats in India

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Ocycall is a free calling, chatting and messaging app. The app is offering free social connection and cheap calling facilities to Indian users.

Being in close contact with all the national as well as international friends is quite easy now as being claimed by Ocycall. Ocycall is offering its attractive features for android smart phones, tablets, MAC, PC and iPads. Now the India based customers can easily talk, chat, and share snaps and short videos free of cost to the entire Indian Ocycall users. The company is presenting efficient free services through which remaining connected to the near and dear people is easily possible now. Ocycall is also offering the calling facility to all the Ocycall users. Now Ocycall users can call from the PC, Tab or smart phone to the entire national and international mobile as well as landline numbers at very cheap rate. A great experience of cheap calls to India is being shared by Ocycall.

Ocycall is including many new and exciting features for the users who have installed the app from app store or play store like free video calls, voice mail to email and free group chat. Ocycall is promising the users that along with all the free of cost features; free conference calls will also be included so that a group of buddies can freely talk for hours together.

About Ocycall
Ocycall is a worldwide app available for smart phones, tabs, PC, iPads and iPhones. This app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play Store. This app helps the users call other Ocycall users and chat as well as share videos and snaps free of cost. The app allows the Ocycall users to call on any national and international numbers at very economical call rates. Ocycall is a team of skilled and professional members who have attempted to bring some innovative app features free of cost.

For more information, please visit http://www.ocycall.com/

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