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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Beijing bans party news that promotes Western lifestyles or …

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Beijing has criminialized reports of party news that foster “Western lifestyles”, poke fun during normal Chinese values and informative classics, such as fabulous heroes, or tell sum of celebrities’ adore affairs.

An central notice released by a State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has systematic all news platforms, including radio, television, and new media, to safeguard their reports about a universe of party and celebrities approve with a Communist Party’s ideologies and adopt a certain tone.

Reports that concentration on Western lifestyles, a lives of celebrities, and give sum of personal private matters, including adore affairs and family disputes, contingency be “firmly prevented”, a notice added.

Stories that elaborate sum about peoples’ arise to overnight celebrity and fortune, and uncover off their wealth, or news how they achieved success by being greedy or regulating amour opposite others are also banned.

TGEP Adds 7″ Touchscreen Display & PIR sensor to Add-on Modules for Clippercreek CS customers

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TGEP add-on modules with 7” Touchscreen Display and PIR sensor are upgrades for existing customers who own Clippercreek CS series Level 2 charging stations.

TGEP which recently launched the add-on modules for Clippercreek CS series added another  feature to the module. The add-on now has an attractive 7’’ touchscreen display screen & passive infrared sensor(PIR) active sensor.  The 7’’ Touchscreen  Monitor for Raspberry Pi display with ten figure capacitive touch, and this can be mounted  to different ways on the unit.  The touch screen display has a user interface  along with the add-on module which will  give the capability of automated kiosk, networking & cloud computing for Clippercreek CS series charging stations.

 Tony George, head of TGEP said that the 7’’ touchscreen and PIR combination  would bring to the add-on module more features which ultimately will benefit charging stations owners immensely. The user interface for the display screen was developed to enhance  the visibility of the product while keeping the cost factor down.  The PIR sensor in the unit will be used to sense movements in the vicinity of the charging station.   The add-on module with the 7’’ TFT display screen and the PIR is priced at $599. This product will serve as an upgrade for existing customers who own Clippercreek CS  Series Level 2 charging stations willing to retrofit with modifications on the system, as well as for new customers who seek networked charging stations with cloud computing and  high-quality EVSE. The add-on comes with a powerful credit card sized Raspberry Pi processor and a custom circuit board. The module fits  the existing CS series of Clippercreek level 2 chargers.

The add-on module with unit provides usage data for customers through the http://www.tgeponline.com/cs website. The installation of the unit takes less than an hour. Networking can be done through Wi-Fi or Cate 5e/6.  The add-on module inside the unit does not do any modifications to the existing structure of the charging station;  instead, it uses the existing PCB to see the different stages of the charging station.

Curtis Terrell
840 Brian Dr, Suite A
Crest Hill, IL – 60403

Energy drags Wall St. lower; S&P down somewhat in August

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NEW YORK Stocks finished reduce on Wall Street on Wednesday, as appetite shares tracked oil prices lower, and a SP posted a detriment for August, a initial disastrous month for a benchmark index given February.

The Nasdaq gained 1 percent in Aug and a SP strew 0.1 percent, vocalization to stocks’ resiliency after a SP strike an all-time high mid-month. It finished Wednesday within 1 percent of a record close.

The appetite zone of a SP 500 .SPNY finished 1.4 percent reduce on Wednesday, a largest daily decrease in 3 weeks, as U.S. wanton futures CLc1 fell some-more than 3 percent.

Data progressing showed a private zone combined 177,000 jobs in August, in line with expectations, and contracts to buy formerly owned homes surged in July, suggesting a economy was convalescent sufficient movement for a Federal Reserve to lift seductiveness rates this year.

The clever numbers sensory a concentration on Friday’s payrolls report.

“If we get another clever number, that’s going to tell we a (Fed) has to lift rates in Sep all things being equal,” pronounced Kim Forrest, comparison equity investigate researcher during Fort Pitt Capital Group in Pittsburgh. “They telegraphed this in a final week, explicitly.”

Strong mercantile information and criticism from executive bank officials have increasing bets that a Fed will lift rates during slightest once before a finish of a year. This has combined a change in batch marketplace leadership, divided from defensive, high-yielding sectors and into cyclicals like industrials and technology.

The Dow Jones industrial normal .DJI fell 53.42 points, or 0.29 percent, to 18,400.88, a SP 500 .SPX mislaid 5.17 points, or 0.24 percent, to 2,170.95 and a Nasdaq Composite .IXIC forsaken 9.77 points, or 0.19 percent, to 5,213.22.

About 6.82 billion shares altered hands in U.S. exchanges, compared with a 5.98 billion daily normal over a final 20 sessions.

Palo Alto Networks (PANW.N) forsaken 7.2 percent to $133.17 after a cyber confidence organisation late on Tuesday foresee current-quarter distinction and income next analysts’ estimates.

HR Block Inc (HRB.N) was a tip commission crook on a SP 500, descending 10.5 percent after a U.S. taxation preparer reported quarterly income that missed analysts’ expectations by a vast margin.

Declining issues outnumbered advancing ones on a NYSE by a 1.69-to-1 ratio; on a Nasdaq, a 1.73-to-1 ratio adored decliners.

The SP 500 posted 14 new 52-week highs and dual new lows; a Nasdaq Composite available 103 new highs and 22 new lows.

(Reporting by Rodrigo Campos; Editing by Leslie Adler)

Lawrence Wright’s chilling new book explores roots of terrorism

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Few American writers know a materialisation of Islam-based terrorism better than author Lawrence Wright, whose 2006 book The Looming Tower comprehensively minute a arise of al-Qaeda from a roots in a Muslim Brotherhood to a 9/11 attacks.

Wright has returned in The Terror Years: From al-Qaeda to a Islamic State (Knopf, 350 pp., ***½ out of 4 stars), a collection of his stating for The New Yorker, that again demonstrates Wright’s consummate believe of what is unfortunately a inhabitant confidence plea of a time.

While The Looming Tower was a feast of believe about al-Qaeda, The Terror Years is some-more like a tasting menu of Wright’s stating on opposite elements of a terrorism that has altered a world’s politics and attitudes toward security.

The collection, nonetheless published over a more-than-10-year period, maintains a thematic strength that merits a chain alongside The Looming Tower. Each story shows how a Muslim universe and a West have struggled with a challenges posed by militant groups and a eremite impulses that allegedly beam them.

Wright’s stating glides from a life and career of former FBI representative John O’Neill, whose anti-terrorism work finished in a disadvantage of a World Trade Center towers on 9/11, to FBI representative Ali Soufan, who fought a use of extended inquire techniques that many cruise torture. Each story is a densely packaged gob of information extended by Wright’s transparent and pointy writing.

His conclusions also sting. “The 2003 advance of Iraq by U.S. and bloc partners stands as one of a biggest blunders in American history,” Wright writes. “The Islamic State, also famous as ISIL or ISIS, rose out of a a chaos, throwing a segment into misunderstanding that hasn’t been equaled given a tumble of a Ottoman Empire.”

In “Five Hostages,” Wright tells a story of 5 American families whose children were prisoner by ISIL and how they struggled to get them expelled with a assistance of U.S. media businessman David Bradley, whose association publishes The Atlantic. The cases of James Foley, Theo Padnos, Steven Sotloff, Peter Kassig and Kayla Mueller showed a destructive widespread of ISIL and a “feckless” stipulations of a U.S. supervision when it came to pardon a prisoner Americans or haplessly examination them die.

Foley’s videotaped execution by decapitation, promote around a world, highlighted a range of ISIL’s evil and galvanized a United States and a allies into what has been a two-year troops debate opposite a militant group. Read now, Wright’s essay seems roughly quaint; a fears of ISIL have metastasized as a organisation desirous mass attacks in Brussels, Paris and Nice, France.

The United States and a allies, Wright writes, will fundamentally better ISIL, since all militant groups eventually lose. But he fears a cost of success.

“This age of apprehension will finish one day, though either a multitude can revive a feeling of leisure that once was a legacy is tough to predict,” he concludes. The disaster to remember what we were as a republic before 9/11 will meant “we might never drive in that instruction again. In that case, a terrorists unequivocally will have won.”

First Girl Born Into Family of Six Brothers Enjoys Life as ‘Queen Bee’: ‘We Fight Over Who Gets to Pick Out Her Dress’

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A year ago, a 6 Lair brothers from Apex, North Carolina, were dreading all a pinkish they knew was about to be a partial of their lives as they got prepared to acquire a baby sister – a first lady in a family.

“In a beginning, when she was usually a concept, it was like, ‘Eewww pink!’ Now when we’re in a store, they’re like, ‘Oh, wouldn’t Ruby like that,’ ” mom Cher Lair tells PEOPLE.

What a disproportion a year – and a unequivocally lovable small lady – makes.

“We always quarrel over who gets to collect out her dress,” 11-year-old Campbell admits.

In fact, nothing of a boys disposed wearing pinkish during Ruby’s initial birthday celebration this past weekend. Cher had her husband, Stephen, all a boys, their uncle and grandparents dress in pinkish for a party.

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“I like dark pinkish now, and neon,” Campbell says.

The Lair family became a viral video prodigy when millions watched their gender exhibit video in 2015. Back then, a boys – now ages 3 to 14 – didn’t know what to consider of a initial lady sibling. Now, mom says Ruby has brought out a best in any of them.

“Ruby is a boss. They venerate that girl, they are obsessed, she’s black bee – they venerate her! we consider it malleable them a small bit. They’re still Lord of a Flies-level crazy, yet she usually piles in with them and they’re unequivocally protecting of her. They are usually smitten with her,” a 37-year aged stay-at-home mom says.

They quarrel over who gets to take her out of her crib in a morning, who gets to reason her and even who spends their usually income from chores or mowing lawns on honeyed gifts for a usually small lady in a house.

First Girl Born Into Family of Six Brothers Enjoys Life as 'Queen Bee': 'We Fight Over Who Gets to Pick Out Her Dress'| Real People Stories, The Daily Smile

Cher and Ruby

Rebekah Tozer

There are some drawbacks yet – father has told them there are some things they can’t get divided with anymore.

Eight-year-old Sawyer says, “I don’t fart or belch around her. Dad says if we need to do it, go to a other room since she’s a lady. It’s flattering irritating sometimes.”

And they any acknowledge to worries about when she’ll start dating.

First Girl Born Into Family of Six Brothers Enjoys Life as 'Queen Bee': 'We Fight Over Who Gets to Pick Out Her Dress'| Real People Stories, The Daily Smile


Rebekah Tozer

“Because she’s unequivocally delicate, she’s my Ruby,” Sawyer says.

Fourteen-year-old Jackson says, “Oh, that’s gonna be a milestone. It’s gonna be tough for whoever she picks.”

Eleven-year-old Campbell has a differnet take on his sister’s destiny dating life.

First Girl Born Into Family of Six Brothers Enjoys Life as 'Queen Bee': 'We Fight Over Who Gets to Pick Out Her Dress'| Real People Stories, The Daily Smile

Cher and Ruby

Rebekah Tozer

“I can’t wait to make fun of her boyfriends,” he says. I’m certain I’ll do what many large brothers will do – dominate them.”

This past weekend, it was small Ruby who was intimidated – and a moment, that was prisoner on video, will no doubt have everybody descending in venerate all over again with a family.

Ruby, who her relatives insist is a best baby ever, started to yell as they brought over her birthday cake.

“She was overwhelmed. It was about an hour into a celebration when we did a cake and we consider all those people singing to her was too much,” Cher explains.

Despite a idiocy of a celebration (and life in general!) Cher admits there usually competence be another Lair baby to celebrate, revelation PEOPLE, “I can’t contend we’re done, we can’t contend we’re not done. It would be tough for me to really close that doorway 100 percent. we know many people demeanour during my kids as numbers, yet if we had stopped during 4 or 5 and there hadn’t been a Knox or a Ruby or a Shepherd – they’re any so away singular and minister in such a singular way. They any have such particular merit, it would be tough for me to contend I’m finished with that.”

Five giveaway Chrome extensions for SEO practitioners

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Did we know that we can boost your SEO charge potency by regulating extensions in Google Chrome? If we perform many of your SEO tasks manually, these extensions can assistance revoke a headache of repeated tasks and assistance we make your work day run some-more smoothly.

Following are five free Chrome extensions we use on a daily basement to assistance boost productivity. From shade shots to checking links to calm analysis, it’s all here!

1. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

As a name suggests, Nimbus is a accessible shade shot and screencast tool. This apparatus is accessible for capturing and annotating screen shots, that can assistance when putting together a news for a client, convincing a customer to take a sold step or display them errors we are saying on a finish (that they competence not be saying on theirs). You can make annotations right within Nimbus: arrows, text, picture blurring for supportive materials — it is probable to do all that with this tool.

In addition, we can use Nimbus to emanate videos. Say we wanted to emanate a video that shows a customer a quite minute SEO judgment though carrying to review to a webcam or webinar session. This prolongation provides a ideal approach to do it, right from your browser. You can also emanate video demonstrations of SEO tactics or concepts to incorporate into discussion slip decks and enhance your presentations.

Nimbus Screenshot differentiates itself from identical tools in that we can take full-page shade shots. we have found it required to take full-page shade shots via my SEO work, so we advise carrying during slightest one apparatus that performs this function.

2. Check My Links

Check My Links is a good Chrome prolongation that creates checking on-page links many easier and some-more efficient. With usually a few clicks, it is probable to brand how many links there are on a page, not to discuss that ones are operative properly and that are returning 404 errors.

This apparatus is many useful for identifying damaged links — both on your possess website and others. The latter can come in accessible for SEOs regulating a “broken couple building” tactic, wherein we find applicable pages joining to resources that no longer exist, emanate a new apparatus for them to couple to and strech out in a hopes of removing a couple to your content.

3. Word Count

Are we behaving an SEO audit in which word count can be a vicious member of that audit? Using the Word Count extension, we can perform a quick, high-level overview of word count on certain webpages.

Doing this fast can assistance we find discerning SEO wins and low-hanging fruit if we need to put your skills on a line to win a client. Having this prolongation in a browser certain beats carrying to copy/paste a divide or dual into Word and perform a word count there.

4. Open Multiple URLs

Open Multiple URLs is one of those extensions that truly beautifies your workflow. It is also a good approach to assistance speed adult those processes during couple remediation — we know, where we have to open hundreds of URLs during once. When we open a prolongation and bucket a tabs with URLs, we can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly pierce by each window (Ctrl + Tab moves forward, and Ctrl + Shift + Tab moves behind by a prior tabs we were on).

Please note: we advise checking the box for the “load URL usually when a add-on loads” choice that shows adult when we open adult a extension. The reason for this is that some hosts (not all, though hosts like Cloudflare, for example) will see activity from a singular IP visiting all of a associated sites as spammy, and we could finish adult being criminialized from their website networks if we are not certain what we are doing.

The reason we move this adult is that some large-scale spammers use hosts like Cloudflare now in sequence to horde their sites and build couple networks for their possess spammy reasons.

It is my idea to use a rarely customized substitute appurtenance in sequence to use this extension, so that we can equivocate showing from these other networks. Failing that, regulating a VPN and an IP switcher to censor your marks can assistance we equivocate showing and other issues.

At a minimum, before doing anything, generally if we are uncertain how to do this, we advise consulting a tech crony we know is means to do all of this and some-more usually to make certain we are doing all correctly. While a contingency are slim that we will be criminialized from a vital (or your favorite) website, it never hurts to be active and take caring of these things forward of time.

5. User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome

User-Agent Switcher allows we to perspective how your website looks in different web browsers and on opposite devices, that can be useful when troubleshooting website and SEO errors that we competence not routinely see.

For example, contend we indispensable to take shade shots of Google rankings on a mobile device vs. Google rankings on a desktop device. This prolongation lets we perform that charge right on your desktop, though carrying to fumble clumsily by your mobile and inscription inclination to send a shade shots to yourself manually.

Or, contend we indispensable to take a discerning shade shot on your desktop of an SEO emanate that is manifest on your mobile device though not manifest on your desktop. This prolongation allows we to switch to that mobile user representative while on your desktop, and afterwards we can use a module like Nimbus Screenshot to take a full shade shot.

All of this is being achieved though withdrawal a protected proportions of your desktop! Pretty sweet, eh?

Increase productivity, efficiency, and turn an SEO wizard

By regulating these extensions, it is probable to boost your SEO efficiencies dramatically and take hours of work out of your day as a result. we rarely advise experimenting with them and operative by opposite tasks that we routinely perform manually otherwise. By doing this, we can assistance boost your SEO efficiencies exponentially and make your day go by many faster.

Do we see something we do each day that is not addressed by these (or other programs existent on a market)? It competence be value it to consider about how we spend your day and figure out how to automate these tasks and how we would automate such tasks regulating a tradition solution.

You don’t have to be a programmer to have a module made. Use your possess skill and consider by a problem, afterwards find a programmer we trust to formula that solution. Your subsequent resolution could usually be a subsequent SEO sensation.

Some opinions voiced in this essay competence be those of a guest author and not indispensably Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

About The Author

Combining Email and Facebook for a Dynamite Ecommerce Marketing Campaign

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Most people perspective email selling and amicable graduation as dual apart entities, and I’ll be honest, we used to consider that as well. However, I’ve detected that mixing mixed opposite avenues for a awake selling debate yields some flattering considerable results.

We’ve attempted this tactic before during Directive Consulting, mixing SEO and PPC; yet in this blog post, I’m going to mangle down a few ways to mix email and amicable graduation for multi-channel success.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to emanate tradition and lookalike audiences on Facebook from an email list
  • Best practices for rising email and amicable campaigns simultaneously
  • How we used this tactic to boost altogether sessions and revenue
  • Some additional strategies to take your ecommerce campaigns to a subsequent level

Using email lists to emanate Custom Audiences on Facebook

Most (if not all) ecommerce stores need an email residence when completing a purchase, and many times we can see what object a chairman bought. Keeping an orderly and segmented email list is a initial step to amicable graduation success. If you’re an online wardrobe store that specializes in artistic t-shirts for organisation and women, emanate particular lists segmenting categories (e.g., sports, funny, and cute) and gender. If you’re regulating a CRM such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Salesforce, we can trade these strike lists as .CSV files and afterwards upload those to Facebook underneath a “Audiences” territory regulating Ads Manager.


When logging onto your Ads Manager or Business Manager account, go to your ad comment and name a drop-down hamburger menu in a tip left-hand corner.

If “Audiences” doesn’t seem in a “Frequently Used” section, strike “All tools” and you’ll find it underneath a “Assets” section.



After clicking on “create tradition audience,” you’ll need to name a “customer file” territory and afterwards “choose a record or copy” and you’ll be stirred to upload your .CSV record into Facebook.

Facebook will afterwards compare adult a emails with tangible Facebook users (you can design anywhere from a 20% – 70% compare rate), yet with ecommerce those numbers tend to be on a aloft side.

Using email lists to emanate Facebook Audiences

Another good underline of Facebook ads is a ability to emanate lookalike audiences from formerly uploaded email lists. Facebook will compare adult a analogous profiles of your email lists with a broader organisation of people who have identical profiles formed on interests, demographics, and behaviors. As prolonged as your email list consists of some-more than 100 people, Facebook will be means to emanate a lookalike audience. Obviously, though, a some-more people we have in a strange email list, a some-more identical a lookalike assembly will be (because Facebook will have some-more information to lift from.)


When we emanate your lookalike audience, we name a nation and select anywhere from 1% – 10% of a country’s population.


But we don’t have to stop there. Once we have a lookalike assembly (we customarily use a 10% choice so we constraint a many people), we can covering additional targeting on tip of a lookalike. For a wardrobe store example, we could take a assembly of 20 million and supplement additional function targeting of men’s conform buyers and online buyers. Now that’s a specific audience!

Launching coexisting campaigns for limit reach

Now how can we tie together email selling and amicable graduation for optimal reach?

Anytime an ecommerce emporium launches a graduation or sale, they send out an email blast.

I customarily check my email in a morning, see a promotion, and afterwards soon forget about it 5 mins later. It’s common believe that any event needs mixed touches before they finish adult converting to a sale, yet promulgation 3 emails a day compelling a sale is a good approach to remove a lot of subscribers.

The solution? Launch a amicable graduation targeted during your specific email list. Then ramp adult a bill to safeguard that any chairman sees your ad during slightest once during a campaign. A good approach to do this is by looking during a estimated strech when formulating an ad debate and creation certain your bill is high adequate that a estimated strech per day matches adult with a volume of people on your email list.


We used this tactic with a patron of ours who sells collectable banknotes from countries all around a world.

Their many renouned is a Zimbabwean $100 trillion dollar banknote, so they ran a graduation for 10% off. We didn’t shred a audiences like we mentioned earlier, since they were usually compelling one country’s banknote, yet we did emanate dual opposite ad images as good as a carousel ad so we could aim everybody in a list with mixed products for a same price.


While we might consider this is an repulsive ad and a red round and arrow is overkill, this ad indeed achieved a best out of all of them, generating over 180 clicks in 3 days with a CTR of 8.7%. Little touches like this unequivocally pull in your audience’s courtesy and can lead to many aloft engagement.



Carousel ads are good for ecommerce shops since they can uncover off mixed products though augmenting a cost of your campaigns. We recently switched over to carousel ads for a patron of ours who builds tradition fences and had 3,000% some-more sessions on a site from a carousel ads.

We launched these ads for a three-day generation while a sale was regulating and combed it with an email blast that went out during a commencement of a sale. These are a formula we saw when comparing a week of a graduation to a prior week:


We saw a sessions go up, as good as a pages per event and normal event duration. We didn’t have a singular transaction from Facebook a prior week, yet had 4 during a sale, generating adequate income to simply cover a cost of that campaign.

Another engaging thing we saw was that a email didn’t directly lead to any sales. I’m not observant it had no outcome on a sales that week, yet usually rising an email debate wouldn’t have had a same impact as mixing these dual platforms and operative together to emanate additional touches via a sale period.

Additional strategies

1. Use lookalike audiences

For a above example, we usually targeted a tradition assembly of email subscribers (the sale was a special promo only for those customers). But holding it even further, formulating a broader assembly from a lookalike assembly would have been a good assembly to target, as well.

What improved approach to deliver your code and product to a intensity patron than immediately charity a sale? You can also serve aim these audiences to get intensely specific. For a banknote client, a targeted lookalike assembly looks something like this:


2. Create a new segmented list for sale buyers

If you’re rising a graduation for a sale regulating this tactic, shred any new email residence we accept into a possess list patrician “sale buyers.” There’s a possibility these people have been wanting to buy your product all along and finally waited until a sale came along to do it, yet some-more likely, these people are incentive shoppers who done a squeeze since of a exclusivity of a understanding you’re promoting. This now gives we a list of business that we know make purchases during sales, and we can exam out other promotional deals after on. If we don’t offer giveaway shipping regularly, have a two-day generation when we do, and aim these specific people.

3. Use Twitter as another height to aim your audience

Twitter is another amicable height that gives we a ability to upload a .CSV of email addresses, and matches adult chatter profiles with those analogous emails.


In a Twitter Ads platform, go to “Tools” and afterwards “Audience manager.”


Head over to “Create new audience” and upload your possess .CSV, only like we did for Facebook. (A word of warning: You do need 500 or some-more matches for Twitter to concede we to use a assembly for promotions.)

For ecommerce, many people will use their personal email for Twitter as good as shopping a product, so this shouldn’t be an emanate with a large adequate email list.

Now it’s your turn

Now you’re prepared to launch a strong and successful email and amicable graduation campaign.

Remember, it’s critical to safeguard your bill aligns with a volume of people you’re perplexing to reach, and to use eye-popping images to locate your audience’s attention. Let me know in a comments if these strategy worked for you, or if we have any additional strategies for email and amicable success!

Advanced Mineral Makeup Offers Natural Makeup Products For A Healthier, Younger, Glowing Skin

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Arizona, August 02, 2016 – Advanced Mineral Makeup is happy and proud to announce that their beauty company carries a line of mineral makeup made of natural ingredients for healthier looking skin without the harsh chemicals. The natural cosmetics of the said business include lip liners, eye liners, concealers and much more essentials to help accentuate your beautiful features. The pressed and loose powder foundations also act as a concealer and a natural SPF to protect the customer’s skin against the sun. These versatile foundations give great coverage without a heavy feel for all skin types.

Advanced Mineral Luxury Body Frosting with Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil is plant based and Paraben free available in unscented or soft Crème Brûlée scent to wrap your body in moisture. It is Vegan and gluten free. It is offered at a guaranteed price of $42.00

Advanced Mineral Makeup blush is available in 4 colors at a retail price of $29.50.

Shadow is available in 9 colors at $19.00 each.

Luminizer is available in 3 colors and all are 100% pigment, dye free, paraben free and talc free -$29.50.

Advanced Mineral Face products include Liquid Foundation, Pressed Mineral Powder and Loose Powder Foundation.

Advanced Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation contains natural sunscreen with aloe, jojoba, and vitamins to nourish your skin. Unlike most other foundations, their Natural Liquid Foundation improves your complexion. The Liquid Foundation is available in 7 natural shades and only cost $44.00 each.

Their Award Winning Pressed Powder Compact functions as a foundation, powder, concealer and SPF all in one. Advanced Mineral Makeup is ideal for skin with acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea acts as an anti-inflammatory. AMM Pressed Powder Foundation is available in 4 colors and retails at $38.50 each.

Advanced Mineral Makeup’s loose powder is available in 3 shades Taylor, Angelina, and Eva with SPF 30 and each only cost $35.00.

Advanced Mineral Makeup has a collection of luxury lip gloss and lip liners to help put the accent on your lips. They are handmade with 100% pigment and is free of parabens and fragrances. They are offered at only $18.00.

Advanced Mineral Makeup comprises eye liners, mascara, concealers, and other eye makeup to accentuate your lashes and conceal dark circles.

Advanced Mineral Makeup carries a variety of cosmetic brushes that you can use to apply your makeup.

Annie Mayo, the founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup has been in the TV and Film industry for over 20 plus years. She has established Advanced Mineral Makeup in 2009 as the “Camera Ready Makeup” with clean ingredients to act as treatment for the skin. Advanced Mineral Makeup has been welcomed into the community as a high-end mineral makeup and it won the Day Spa Readers Choice award along with the 2016 Dermascope Esthetiticain Choice Award.  The rest is history.

To know more about Advanced Mineral Makeup, visit their official website at http://www.advancedmineralmakeup.com/ or call (800) 439-9936 or, (480) 239-1508 within Arizona and look for Annie Mayo.

J.Antonette Announces The Release Of “Let Me Love You”

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White Plains, New York – Songwriter and recording artist J.Antonette is excited to announce the release of her first single, “Let Me Love You”. The highly anticipated single is available now on iTunes and all streaming services. Click here to preview the “Let Me Love You” single.

“Let Me Love You” is the first single off of J.Antonette’s debut album “Lollipops & Daggers”, which is set to officially release October 1, 2016. The song begins with a sweet melody and later transitions to a pop-rock ballad with a prominent drum beat and passionate lyrics.

“Let Me Love You” is J.Antonette’s first release since her return from Grammy Award winner Melissa Etheridge’s national tour. J. Antonette has impressive skills that have carried her to this juncture. In addition to the tour, she has traveled the country with Jerry Wonda’s Platinum sound band and written for various artists. J.Antonette has utilized these diverse experiences to shape and influence her current work.

“There are so many people in this world who are so loved yet not ready to accept the love they are given. For all those who make it tragically difficult to love them, it is a lyrical plea to break down the barriers and open their arms to the simple, rewarding pleasures that love offers when it comes knocking. Or, in other words, it is the polite way to say ‘stop being an idiot, let’s just love’.”

Click here for J.Antonette’s website
Click here for J.Antonette’s Instagram
Click here for J.Antonette’s Twitter page(www.twitter.com/Jtonez)

Click below to download “Let Me Love You” in iTunes

For Further information Contact:
JTonezMusic Corp
+1 (914) 458-1663

What Kids Should Know by a Time They’re Done With School

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I am a good fan of a International Baccalaureate program, that integrates all of a above and more. Its curriculum and assessments should be a indication for all schools.

Catherine Cushinberry, the executive executive of Parents for Public Schools

Content will residence cognitive expansion though also social, emotional, and earthy needs. How this is addressed is age-related. Students need calm to supply them for their destiny lives as adults—traditional subjects, though also courses in psychology, economics, life skills, drugs/medicine, health, and philosophy/world religions. Students will leave propagandize with believe of themselves, their strengths, their abilities, and their areas wanting growth. Subjects will change for a opposite class levels, though during any level, there will be an formation of real-world application—science will engage project-based training and use learning, such as creation a useful product. Teachers will play a vital purpose in assisting to classify a day. They know students best. Traditional subjects will have to be taught within context and with radical methods, such as a use of music, songwriting, raps, visible art, and trips outward of a classroom that will heighten a training experience.

Michael Horn, the co-founder of a Clayton Christensen Institute

Content believe is critical—not anathema—to assisting students build higher-order skills such as vicious thinking, communication, and partnership in a accumulation of domains. Accordingly, calm believe will continue to matter, though students will learn calm in opposite ways—from online modules to in-person sessions. A core set of standards will be vicious for all students to master—or, in some cases, benefit bearing to—in English, mathematics, history, and science. These standards should be fewer, such that as students master them, they can go low in areas they suffer to find their passions and rise expertise. For example, each tyro might not need to master Algebra. Exposure to song and arts, as good as such things as financial literacy, economics, engineering, and mechanism scholarship will also be vicious to build a substructure for students with an eye toward assisting them have a extended adequate bottom such that they can find and rise passions and be intent citizens. Finally, earthy preparation will continue to have a purpose in schools, though a purpose will be to assistance students lead healthy lives—not indispensably to rise athletes—and to accelerate learning, as justification shows that sportive before training can severely urge productivity.

Richard Kahlenberg, a comparison associate during The Century Foundation

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