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Monthly Archives: March 2016

What are government’s options over Tata Steel and Port Talbot?

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Up to 40,000 jobs are at risk after Tata Steel revealed that it plans to pull out of the UK. This has left the Port Talbot plant, the UK’s biggest steelworks, and Tata’s other sites facing a race against time to secure their survival. Those sites employ a total of 15,000 people, and a further 25,000 livelihoods are under threat in the supply chain if the business collapses.

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the government of being in “disarray” over the crisis and called for the company to be nationalised. With just weeks to find a solution, these are the potential options for the government and the future of Tata Steel.


The Labour leader says that because steel is a strategic asset, Tata’s UK business should be nationalised in order to safeguard its future – just as it was in its previous incarnation as British Steel. However, David Cameron and Sajid Javid, the business secretary, have played down the prospect of nationalising Port Talbot or the entire Tata UK business. Government officials have warned that taking over the company could carry a price tag of £1.5bn a year. Cameron said: “We are not ruling anything out. I don’t believe nationalisation is the right answer, what we want to do is secure a long-term future for Port Talbot and for other steel plants in the UK.” In addition to the government’s concerns, nationalisation could fall foul of European Union state-aid rules.

Encourage Tata to keep its UK steel business

The three major problems that have led to Tata looking to pull out of the UK are energy costs, the impact of China dumping steel in Europe, and its pension burden. Officially, Tata has said it is considering all its options, rather than simply selling the UK business, so this option is in theory still on the table. If the trade unions accept drastic cuts to their pensions and the government slaps higher tariffs on the importing of Chinese steel then this could clear the path for Tata to activate the turnaround plan for Port Talbot and its UK business. However, a source close to the company said the chances of enough being done to persuade Tata to keep its UK steel operations are “very slim”.

Facilitate a private sale through loans or temporary state ownership

Two Lanarkshire steel mills were saved from closure earlier in March after Tata sold them to metals group Liberty House in a deal that was brokered by the Scottish government. The transaction saw the Scottish government take temporary ownership of the Clydebridge and Dalzell plants before passing them on to Liberty. The UK and Welsh governments could look for a similar deal on Port Talbot and the rest of Tata’s UK business, but it will be far more complex because the size of the transaction would be much larger. Other options for the government would be to offer loans, loan guarantees or new procurement contracts to a buyer. European state-aid rules mean any loans or loan guarantees would have to be on terms similar to those on offer in the commercial world. However, Tata could also offer financial support. In fact, it might have to. Pensions experts believe the Pensions Regulator could push Tata to inject more than £2bn into the British Steel Pension Scheme, which has liabilities of almost £15bn and 130,000 members, making it one of the biggest pension schemes in the UK.

Facilitate a breakup of Tata’s UK business

The most likely option. Tata has more than a dozen sites in the UK, ranging from quarries in Cumbria to the blast furnace in Port Talbot. Finding a buyer for the whole lot is unlikely. Indeed, Tata sources say it has been trying for the last 18 months to find a buyer but nobody was interested. Liberty, the buyer of Tata’s Scottish assets, has expressed an interest in some of the “downstream” operations that recycle steel or convert it for specific uses. But there is a major problem with this option – the part of Tata Steel that is losing the most money and is therefore likely to be the most difficult part to sell is Port Talbot, the site that the government is desperate to save. Port Talbot and its blast furnaces actually produce raw steel from iron ore and coal, but this process is expensive and the most exposed to the impact of rising energy costs and China dumping steel in Europe. Buyers are likely to be thin on the ground. As a result, this option would require the government to either persuade Tata to provide the time to secure deals, temporarily nationalise the parts that take the longest to sell, or simply let parts of the business close.

Let Port Talbot and Tata’s entire UK steel business fail

The doomsday scenario, which would cost 40,000 jobs according to the IPPR thinktank. Tata Steel UK would fall into administration, with vulture funds and other businesses then buying the assets that take their fancy, with no guarantee they would be used to produce steel. Port Talbot could end up being bought by a property developer who wants to build houses and shops, which is what happened to Rover’s former plant at Longbridge. The pension scheme would have to enter the Pension Protection Fund. Britain would lose its biggest steelmaker and be left with a collection of smaller manufacturers across the country.

Truth or consequences in appetite policy, partial II

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This is a second installment in a three-part series. Part we is permitted here.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan (CPP) is a subsequent in this three-part “Truth or Consequences” series. Can we means to stop it? Adopt it? Is it meaningful?

In a prior column, we addressed purify spark record and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) as a vicious pathway to assembly meridian and appetite confidence goals. The end is that record — not injured process — is a usually approach to safeguard that success. That leads us to a EPA’s CPP and this column.

The CPP was creatively introduced in Aug 2015 by a EPA and a boss and was called “historic” in terms of shortening CO wickedness from appetite plants. The Supreme Court recently stayed a doing tentative serve authorised review. President Obama recently told Democratic supporters to not “despair” over a Supreme Court statute to stay a CPP, as he saw “strong authorised footing.” He pronounced that “the centerpiece of a meridian devise involves … shortening [states’] CO emissions.” 

The stay also astounded and gay many Republicans and speedy pushback on regulations and privately a doing of a plan.

What’s a law here and what are a consequences? A stay is zero some-more than a delay. Delay begets uncertainty, introduces risk, provides some-more time to argue, spend income on authorised wrangling and accomplishes nothing! Nothing achieved in terms of CO dioxide emissions reductions and zero in terms of serve growth of a secure and affordable appetite destiny in a nation or swell toward providing tellurian leadership. That is a law and a consequences.

Why is it so hard? Because we have not invested in a record to indeed revoke emissions from a largest shred of tellurian appetite prolongation and energy: hoary fuels. We have not invested since many Democrats wish zero some-more than to kill spark and hoary energy. We have not invested since many Republicans repudiate CO dioxide implications to tellurian meridian change. Both positions have consequences and they are both uninformed.

Let’s demeanour again during this centerpiece due legislation, a CPP. What does it do and some-more importantly, not do? If we use a reasonable exam to magnitude aptitude and impact for change, what is a truth? Resulting CO dioxide reductions will volume to a net rebate of 0.2 percent of tellurian CO dioxide. Yes, there is a decimal indicate in front of a two; it is not a misprint. This also formula in a .01 grade Fahrenheit impact to meridian and a net rebate in seawater arise a density of a dime. Relevant? Impactful? No, and certainly not ambitious. It amounts to 3 weeks of emissions in China. Three weeks, a “centerpiece” of a meridian strategy! My perspective is that this is many happening about nothing. Why are prepared people so invested in arguing about something that does zero though emanate mercantile pain in a U.S. for no tellurian meridian gain?

Because some wish to close down spark in a U.S. The CPP enables healthy gas (also a CO dioxide emitter, despite during half a impact as coal) to be broadly commissioned with no constraint of CO dioxide emissions. It also mandates breeze deployment distant over any receptive open utilities elect formulation in terms of trustworthiness and affordability — and does it underneath a guise of meridian legislation. Yet it’s not impactful meridian legislation! Starting to make clarity to you? Because it doesn’t to me.

And while many on a other side of a aisle might find fun in a above comments, it is improbable that we can spend one some-more day denying meridian change, fighting for a right to bake spark and healthy gas though CO dioxide controls and doing it in a name of appetite sustainability. You can’t have appetite sustainability though permitted and affordable appetite and nonetheless we certainly can't omit environmental responsibility. Without all 3 components, it is a residence of cards that is not tolerable for a future. Delays, stays and arguing about a subsequent Supreme Court justice: Our eye is off a ball, and time is ticking.

There are consequences, so what can be done? Simple: Invest in record and muster it globally to capacitate hoary fuels to be environmentally responsible. Let’s also deposit in transformative technologies in wind, solar, chief and geothermal. We need all of a above. The settled position of this administration is to support all forms of energy, though it is usually pretend. We need a genuine “all of a above” strategy.

As we settled in an progressing column, in my dual years as partner secretary of Energy, a administration put onward budgets that reduced hoary fuel record investments 40 percent per year dual years in a row. This many new administration ask to de-obligate $240 million of already thankful supports for modernized purify spark record is simply behaving on a plan — and let’s be real, it’s not “all of a above.” This is a ideal event to put a income where a mouth is!

There are dual truths. The initial is that we can't continue to use hoary appetite (coal or gas) though CO dioxide modernized technology. The second is that we can’t simply stop regulating hoary fuels. It’s enchanting meditative to pursue usually renewables over a subsequent 50 years.

I trust it is reprehensible to misinform a American open that a CPP is meridian legislation. It is not. It is a forced renewable portfolio customary that goes good over EPA authorised precedent. And a many unfortunate fact is that all of a information sited in this mainstay comes from information a EPA is entirely wakeful of — it’s their data. Let’s answer genuine questions about electricity cost and trustworthiness and stop fabricating stories about immature jobs origination and saving a world. The consequences are that a open might be assured that flitting such legislation will indeed impact a climate, and it won’t.

People will continue to use some-more appetite as we supplement computers, cellphones, dungeon towers, servers, etc. All these inclination continue to boost appetite direct as we turn some-more technologically modernized — and nonetheless we lay in a waiting autos, texting in line during a drive-through, desiring we are environmentally obliged and concerned?

We need modernized purify spark and hoary record to constraint CO dioxide before it is emitted. We contingency use a CO dioxide for a chemical and earthy values in extended oil liberation and chemicals production, and afterwards safely and henceforth store it.

The law is that CO capture, function and storage (CCUS) can advantage a meridian and a appetite security, urge affordability of appetite and, many important, can be a singular biggest tellurian record care a U.S. can yield to a rest of a universe as coal- and gas-fired era is fast deployed to urge vital standards.

The consequences of not fast deploying CCUS are devastating. The International Energy Agency states there is no approach for us to globally strech a envisioned targets though it. Using a CO dioxide provides a capability and energy-security gain. CCUS is what both sides of a aisle contingency understand, support and deposit in. Pledges and speeches do not equal genuine investment, and bad policies such as a CPP can't be deliberate progress. The emanate is vicious and real, today, and final genuine solutions.

Buying CO credits and offsets and relying on treasonable policies such as a CPP are no substitutes for technology. Let’s not sham ourselves with feel-good illusions. 

My subsequent mainstay will be about a genuine needs and a genuine solutions of appetite sustainability and where and how we can deposit in all of a forms of clean, permitted appetite that Bill Gates speaks of.

McConnell is executive executive of a Energy and Environment Initiative during Rice University and a former partner secretary of appetite during a Department of Energy from 2011 to 2013.

Sarah Smiley shares her adore event with Maine in new book

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Writer and Bangor Daily News columnist Sarah Smiley has lived all over a United States. Her father was an admiral in a United States Navy, and her father is a Navy commander. But it wasn’t until she altered to Maine that she finally found “home.”

She has lived in Maine for 8 years. “Almost too prolonged to contend I’m still new here,” Smiley laughed during a new interview. And her family has no skeleton of leaving.

Smiley has gathered a personal adore minute to Maine in a collection of her journal columns called “Got Here as Soon as we Could.” It includes columns from a final 8 years given she altered to Maine and shows a course in herself and her parenting character over a years.

“I attempted to name ones that reflected how Maine altered myself and my parenting,” Smiley said. “Maine loose me a small bit.”

This is Smiley’s fourth book and initial one published by Down East. The many severe partial of this one, she said, was confronting her younger self.

“It’s so tough to go behind and demeanour during in black and white — your suspicion routine from 8 years ago,” Smiley said. “A lot of people if they could accommodate their younger self would wish to disagree with them.”

As she was collecting columns for a book, Smiley pronounced she resisted a titillate to revise herself and thereby change a account they created. That would better a purpose of a book.

And Smiley is initial to acknowledge Maine has altered her in many ways.

“In Florida, we was unequivocally held adult in a 6-foot remoteness blockade jungle,” Smiley said.

But Maine was different. It was some-more laid behind and friendlier.

Moving to Maine, Smiley didn’t only face a opposite meridian (her kids hadn’t seen sleet before, and a family didn’t even possess windbreakers), they also found an wholly opposite enlightenment — one where kids float bikes to ball practice, play outward and mothers don’t hover.

Schools also were smaller — given Smiley’s oldest son, Ford, was in one of 14 kindergarten classes during his propagandize in Florida, Owen entered kindergarten in Maine in one of dual classes in his new school. And so was a whole enlightenment of Bangor, where a Smileys moved.

“I adore here how we go to The Briar Patch [bookstore] and a owners knows your name and what books your kids have read,” Smiley said.

This book, with a cover that she says she loves given it shows only how she feels about Maine, is special.

“I couldn’t trust it took me 31 years to get to Maine,” Smiley said. “[It’s] a one place we unequivocally wish to go to, [but] we will never be a Mainer.”

A book launch celebration and signing for “Got Here As Soon As we Could” is designed from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Apr 6, during a Bangor Historical Society. The book is accessible during internal bookstores including The Briar Patch on Central Street in Bangor, and online as well.


Keeping Cool Beyond OSHA

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Summer Beach

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can trace its history back to President Nixon’s signature in 1970.  Driven by calls from labor unions and the increasing reality of deaths and disabilities in many industries, both OSHA and its sidekick NIOSH were born.  Interestingly, OSHA became a division of the Department of Labor while NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) reported into the CDC, alias Health and Human Services.  Clearly the former deals with enforcement and the latter with research.

Since its inception OSHA has done much to improve industrial safety, often in response to tragic episodes.  Many efforts and compliance directives have focused on chemicals and pollutants such as asbestos, vinyl chloride, arsenic, lead, benzene, and carcinogens.  Unsafe working conditions have been eliminated or diminished in many industries including shipbuilding, meat packing, petroleum refining, sugar, grain, construction, textile, and process industries.

While such regulations have dealt appropriately with obvious industrial issues, it was not until 1987 that minimal initial standards were issued for the more subtle, seasonal, and variable issue of Heat Stress.  This originated in the fields where low wage braceros roamed from crop to crop to harvest our nation’s agricultural bounty.  These invisible and defenseless Mexicans would perform the “Stoop Labor” that was somehow a better living standard than in their own country.  The basic regulations demanding potable drinking water, toilet type facilities, and clean water for washing hands was an initial step and those instructions are still posted in most restaurant bathrooms to this day for kitchen help.

Now let’s fast forward to the Heat Stress Issues of today:

  • Many companies still look at resolving Heat Stress as a business cost and not an opportunity.
  • Heat Stress is addressed by “Definitions, Symptoms, and Guidelines”.
  • Manufacturing operations and distribution budgets are always under intense scrutiny, often by management in air conditioned offices not even on job locations.
  • Much of the OSHA standards, by necessity, deal with modifying work schedules where possible, emergency planning, supervisor training, and promoting adequate water and rest breaks.

In an effort to illuminate some issues regarding Heat Stress, consider looking at this issue in the light of significant benefits of cooling and the hidden cost of not cooling.

The negative impact of having a significant incident can be quite costly.  Of course there is the exposure to increased OSHA oversight, paperwork, and possible fines.  The 911 call, if necessary, can prove expensive if an ambulance is required.  Disruption or a slowdown of the work force for a length of time is natural.

In many industries finding and training new employees is significant.  Take an auto shop that competes with a new car dealer with a new air conditioned service area.  If it is 100 degrees in the summer, the risk of your best employee being enticed to a better work environment is something to think about.  And consider the onetime cost of investing in your worker comfort as opposed to the annual issue always being salary.

Now consider productivity.  Do workers work as efficiently when their glasses are fogging up or when the sweat is dripping off their noses?  How many water and rest breaks might be avoided if it were 10-12 degrees cooler?  How many errors are made that need to be reworked or retooled?  How many shortcuts are taken that lead to customer complaints?  However, possibly the greatest reason for reducing the heat is the feeling a work force gets when they believe that management cares a little about them and wants to make them more comfortable.  That can be a more valuable inducement than a pay raise.

What is Heat Stress and how is it measured? 

The Heat Index Table is considered THE BIBLE for Heat Stress measurement and is simply a combination of the temperature and the relative humidity (%).


As you can see, the combined impact of heat and humidity greatly increases as each one increases.

  • At 40% humidity and 88 degrees the index is only 88
  • At 40% humidity and 94 degrees the index is up to 97
  • At 40% humidity and 100 degrees the index is now 109
  • At 60% humidity and 88 degrees the index is up to 95
  • At 60% humidity and 94 degrees the index is up to 110
  • At 60% humidity and 100 degrees the index is now 129

Clearly, higher humidity climates are particularly at risk as the temperature becomes more intense.

The various types of heat stress symptoms correlate closely to the heat index.  Difficulties can vary from a heat rash or cramps to fainting, exhaustion, and stroke.  Most, if not all, OSHA professionals are well in tune with these relationship issues and I won’t labor to repeat the obvious here.

The most important solutions to Heat Stress are frequent rest and water breaks IN THE SHADE.  If laborers work in the sun they absolutely must have tents or shade sails available with cool water and seating.  In California, for example, it is a state OSHA regulation that there must be shade to accommodate at least 25% of workers at any given time.  To further cool workers, a mist line can be attached to the perimeter which will reduce the temperature by up to 20degrees.  Even if no faucet is available as a supply line, portable units are available with 12 volt batteries and booster pumps (200 psi) that do an excellent job for 5 hours without a water refill.


portable misting tent

Many industries have horrific issues with sugar or grain dust or petroleum processing vapors that can explode with a spark.  For those intense problems, Class 1, Div 2 explosion proof pumps are available, albeit at about triple the price of a regular pump.  Just the same, those industries are some of the most demanding on workers and the price seems insignificant compared to the human relief.

For intense heat, personal gear is available as vests with freezable ice packs that can last 2-3 hours or as air vests which are inflated by a compressed air tube; yes they are somewhat cumbersome, but also effective.

In the factory, warehouse, or shop floor, circulating fans to move air and exhaust fans to remove hot air from above have been a traditional method to make the air more bearable.  Large areas have found some relief by installing 8to 24 foot diameter ceiling fans under the brand names “ BIG ASS” or “Macro-Air”.

In the past decade a new and remarkable workplace cooling capability has emerged through the use of HIGH PRESSURE MISTING FANS.  Most likely, you have seen fogging fans on the sidelines at college and professional football games to chill players during intense heat of the summer and fall games.  These are similar to what some fire department use for emergency “BLAST” chilling of trauma burn victims.  When a boiler needs repair, or maintenance work is required by an individual or small team, high pressure portable misting fans can be filled with water, moved to locations, and run for 5-6 hours without a refill.  This can reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees, not including the increased Wind Chill factor.

Portable Misting Fan

Misting fans have the advantage that many fans can be outfitted with nozzles and run off of a single pump.  They can be wall mounted, hung from support beams, or attached to pedestals.  Many people suspect that mist will wet equipment, product, and floors, but that is simply not true if the smallest orifice nozzle is utilized with 1000 psi pumps.cat_low_pressure_fans

In less humid areas (40 % or less) a simple 180 psi booster pump can suffice with a significant cost savings if no more than 25 nozzles are required for cooling 4-5 workers in auto shops and related venues.

In summary, because the impact of Heat Stress varies with the worker exertion level, humidity, and shade factors it is clearly up to management to determine the best path to reduce the chance of incidents and consider the improved performance of workers by providing a cooler atmosphere.

Seeking Cyber Security Specialist Senior M

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Cyber Security Specialist Senior
Location: Kansas City, MO

Clearance Level Required For Cyber Security Specialist Senior MO:

Absolutely essential qualifications: Secret security clearance; IAT III (CompTIA CASP or ISC2 CISSP)

Under broad direction, operate and manage all aspects of Information Systems, data availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.  Implement and monitor security measures for communication systems, networks, and provide advice that systems and personnel adhere to established security standards and Governmental requirements for security on these systems.  Develop and execute Government approved security policies, plans, and procedures; design and implement data network security measures; operate Network Intrusion Detection and Forensics; conduct performance analysis of Information Systems security incidents; develop COOP/DR plans and support certification of Information Systems and Networks.  Supervise operation of Electronic Key Management System, other information security duties, and Public Key Infrastructure.  Operate Host Based Security System (HBSS), firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, other point of presence security tools, Virtual Private Networks, and related security operations.

Education Level Cyber Security Specialist Senior MO:
Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum Experience Cyber Security Specialist Senior MO:
10+ years
IAT Cert Required: IAT III

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Seeking Programmer Senior Kansas City MO

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Programmer Senior
Location: Kansas City, MO
Security Clearance – Secret

Absolutely essential qualifications For Programmer Senior Kansas City MO:
Secret security clearance; IAT III (CompTIA CASP or ISC2 CISSP); ITIL v3, Microsoft Programming Certification
Under broad direction, oversee creation of web-based, multi-user solutions documenting and auditing personnel training, schedules, and permissions. Manage latest web development technologies and practices for review of customized easy to understand reports and views that reduce management efforts. Facilitate creation of access-related work processes and empower leadership by providing clear insight into their personnel groups and permissions. Oversee development of extensible searching capability, customized reports and statistics, export features, history/event tracking system, and Microsoft SharePoint Web-part integration and Microsoft Active Directory integration. Demonstrate best practices in code development and documentation at an organization’s enterprise level. Requires Full Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience and as well as experience in web development. Will be responsible for .NET, SQL server, and ASP.NET applications. Will operate SQL server 2008 and need knowledge of HTML, CSS, C# and Java Script. Experience working in the Department of Defense environment is required. Excellent communications skills are required.

Education For Programmer Senior Kansas City MO:
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, MIS, Business, or related field

Experience Programmer Senior Kansas City MO:
10+ years

Certifications Required For Programmer Senior Kansas City MO:
Microsoft Programming Certification

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When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall.
What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can.
You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job.

Seeking Dry Bulk Drivers $1000 Signing Bonus SC NC FL

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Hiring in the following cities: Lancaster, SC; Fountain Inn, SC; Hayesville, NC; Charlotte, NC; Umatilla, FL; Orlando, FL

Dry Bulk Drivers $1000 Signing Bonus SC NC FL – We have the work to keep you busy and making money!

Our drivers are out #1 priority!

HOME OFTEN – Local lanes combined with over night runs.

• Competitive Pay – $900 minimum per week guarantee

$1000 sign on bonus available  after 90 days of running these loads.  ONLY APPLIES TO TRAINED DRY BULK DRIVERS.

Excellent Benefits for Dry Bulk Drivers $1000 Signing Bonus SC NC FL:
• Assigned Tractors
• Direct Deposit
• Paid Vacation , Paid Holidays
• Medical, Dental and Vision insurance available
• Free Life Insurance
• Paid orientation & training
• 401K Retirement
• Mileage Bonus paid quarterly
• Breakdown Pay
• Layover Pay
• Per Diem Program
• Uniforms if requested

Join our Quality Team today!

Minimum requirements for Dry Bulk Drivers $1000 Signing Bonus SC NC FL:
• CDL A with Tank & Hazmat Required
• And must be willing to obtain a TWIC card ( Transportation Identification Credentials)
•1 yr. Recent Tractor Trailer exp.

We have a dedicated driver’s advocate team for you because #itsallaboutthedriver

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When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall.
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Seeking IT Field Service Technician For Charleston, SC and Pearl Harbor, HI

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True North Logistics: IT Field Service Technician For Charleston, SC and Pearl Harbor, HI
Security Clearance – Secret 
Absolutely essential qualifications: Secret security clearance; CompTIA A+

True North Logistics (TNL) has several immediate opportunities for Information Technology Field Service Techs in support of a government client. Successful candidates will provide timely and efficient general IT technical services.  These services will include desk side support to computer HW, SW, and other electronic or mechanical devices including clients, servers, and legacy systems. Technicians will also provide resolution of incidents that could not be resolved remotely and are transferred from the Service Desk to the site for resolution.

Education For Information Technology Field Service Techs: 
High school Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Experience For Information Technology Field Service Techs: 
-Two to four (2-4) years of related experience in information systems.
-Experience in SAN/Back-Up/Recovery technologies and operations in a fast paced,
Enterprise IT support environment are a plus.

Certifications Required For Information Technology Field Service Techs: 
A+ and OS Certification.  OS certification can be obtained within 90 days.  The OS
requirement is completion of Microsoft 70-685 – “Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop
Support Technician”.

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When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall.
What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can.
You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job.

RE/MAX Military City Announces Its Opening In North San Antonio

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Offering repeated engrossment with the real estate service, RE/MAX Military City announces its opening in North San Antonio and remains the first choice for many in Texas.

San Antonio, TX (March 29, 2016):- Satiating the real estate needs from the best quality real estate business has always remained perturbing due to the lack of efficient people in the market who strive to keep the promises they make. In a bid to offer the best quality real estate service, RE/MAX Military City launches its opening in North San Antonio. Being a retired and combat wounded Army Special Forces Officer and Purple Heart recipient, Levi Rodgers takes pride in having a passion in real estate business.

With his mission oriented work ethic and focus, he boasts of knowing the little details of how to accomplish missions and goals. Often being recognized as the true and efficient problem solver to the problem of finding Homes in San Antonio, he strives to assist his clients in the best possible manner. Real estate dreams become reality with the Midas touch of Levi Rodgers. Whether one is looking forward to buy the next home or sell the current Homes in Helotes, RE/MAX Military City often remains the best choice. Levi Rodgers retired just four short years ago from a long Army Career and is leading the charge in the San Antonio Real Estate Market with his forward thinking leadership and home marketing styles.

One of the spokesperson comments, “I am not one for empty flattery. There are very few people in our society that will speak the truth regardless of if it offends someone. I am one of the rare breed of people who will tell you what they think regardless of the consequence. With that said, it is difficult to express into words what I think about Levi Rodgers.”

With a team of efficient and proficient employees, The Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group is owned by Levi Rodgers and offers repeated engrossment with any sort of real estate needs. Levi has already spearheaded a program coined “Bullets to Buildings” that takes wounded, ill, injured, or Separating Military Members and their families and brings them into the Real Estate industry in order to help them with the transition to civilian life.

About RE/MAX Military City:
RE/MAX Military City offers the best quality real estate services in compliance with experienced and proficient professionals.

Media Contact:
RE/MAX Military City
Phone: 210-331-7000

The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu And Fitness Offers The World Class Cross Fitness Training Classes In Colorado

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Offering repeated engrossment with their cross training and other courses, The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness allows one to be stay healthy and ready for fight.

Lakewood, CO (March 27, 2016):- Even though being fit remains a gigantic challenge to many, fitness does not only contribute to overall wellbeing, but also helps one to fight against any unexpected adverse situation. In a bid to help one to gain self-defense and confidence, The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness offers the best quality Adult Bjj & Judo, Kids BJJ & Judo, Cross Training as well as Personal Training.

Often being recognized as the best academy for learning Judo Englewood CO, the Sanctuary offers the best personal training so that one can become a professional fighter or tournament Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, or can just get in shape while having fun. While the Kids BJJ & Judo course seeks to teach basic self-defense techniques as well as break falls, takedowns (throws), and submissions, the CrossFit Englewood CO offered by the Sanctuary helps one to learn a combination of gymnastics (body weight) movements, Olympic lifts, and metabolic conditioning. The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness takes pride in having instructors like Charlee Minkin who was on the 2004 Olympic Team, a 2 time World Team member, 2 time silver medalist at the Pan American Games and gold medalist at the Pan American Championships.

Offering repeated engrossment with the classes, The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness has remained the best choice for many who look forward to avail the best quality Personal Training Englewood CO.  With more than thousands satisfied learners, The Sanctuary continues its success story.

Martial arts cater to need of being in shape as one has to use all the muscles while learning new techniques which are to be applied during sparring Grappling is a great way to burn body fat and build lean muscle while learning a new skill and having fun. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offered by the Sanctuary remains one of the most challenging martial arts and help people to build perseverance.

About The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness:
The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness remains one of the best academies in Colorado that offer quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fitness instruction.

For more information, please visit http://www.thesanctuarybjjandfitness.com/

Media Contact:
3355 South Wadsworth Boulevard
Unit F109 Lakewood, CO 80227
Phone: 719-930-7269

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