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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Vince Staples: Summertime ’06

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Summertime ’06 crams 20 songs inside an hour and when it ends Vince Staples is somehow still mid-sentence. The heavy-lidded, preternaturally ease Long Beach rapper has always seemed to have a remarkable volume on his mind, with some-more to contend than he has room for: The final line on “Taxi”, a final lane of his initial full mixtape, 2011’s Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1, finished in a identical fashion, with a frozen bucket of water—”Tried praying for forgiveness, though God told me to close up”—before a strain simply stopped.

In those days, Staples seemed studiously laconic, like his crony Earl Sweatshirt, whom he is still mostly mentioned alongside. What’s been conspicuous to watch is a approach Staples has leaned forward—bigger songs, bigger statements, larger urgency–as Earl bled into a cracks in a walls of his mind. Earl doesn’t know or caring if we are in a room, that is partial of his appeal; Vince Staples’ eyes are tedious right into you.

Staples has turn an increasingly absolute communicator, and on Summertime ’06, his lines are pointy adequate that each word digs into meat: “I hatred when we lie; we hatred a truth, too.” (“Jump Off a Roof”), “In a Planned Parenthood personification God with your mom’s check/ You ain’t even been to promenade yet” (“Surf”). Like Chance a Rapper emptied of hope, Staples expresses formidable ideas in plain, tough sentences, ones that can be handed to we like a pamphlet: “No matter what we grow into, we never gon’ shun a past,” he states simply on “Like It Is”. His rapping is conversational, though these are a conversations we have when all confidence has been burnt away.

The manuscript is separate into dual sides, creation it technically a double album. But double albums are customarily unwieldy, and Summertime ’06 is breathtakingly focused, a marathon that feels like a sprint. The prolongation bangs and clanks via with a septic, rusted, retooled-buggy persistence, that Staples matches. On “Lift Me Up”, he chants a song’s pretension over and over again, though his voice is skinny and tired, and a strain complicated and slow. It’s a sound of someone operative for uplift who knows in their skeleton only how most wretchedness lays along a road.

Summertime ’06 was overseen by Dion “No I.D.” Wilson, one-time coach to Kanye and a force behind all of Def Jam’s best projects for years now. No I.D. seems to grasp a hint of each lane he works on; strain that has borne his courtesy roughly always emerges with a worldview clarified. On Summertime ’06, he turns an manuscript constructed mostly by himself, DJ Dahi, and Clams Casino into one tense, working organism, creation it formidable to besiege that songs these extravagantly opposite musicians worked on. The sound is cold and brittle, full of small blurts of percussion that resemble shaken fidgets. The basslines are mostly played by a groaning twisted electric guitar, and songs like “Dopeman” have a crackling alkaline appetite of a Neptunes production. There are unequaled melodies, played on keys, that infrequently hide in behind songs like “3230” or “Might Be Wrong”, and they yield a undercurrent of what all this hard-nosed realism competence cost you.

By now, it’s transparent that Summertime is not “fun,” and during no indicate do we think you’ve been invited to a party. But a sound submerges we in a eagerness of Staples’ mind. He is a advocate of realism, in a simplest definition. Keeping it real, for him, means clearly documenting all he sees, private from a clouds of wish or pain or pity. He marvels during a loneliness of his pursuit as a rapper, translating his life to those who don’t live it: “All these white folks chanting when we ask them ‘Where my niggas at?’/ Going crazy, got me going crazy, we can’t get with that/ Wonder if they know we know they won’t go where we flog it at?” he raps on “Lift Me Up”.

The voices we hear on a manuscript that don’t go to Staples—the voicemail on “Might Be Wrong”, hooks whispered by art-rapper Kilo Kish—feel like echoes or ghosts. He raps mostly about crimes he’s committed, though a songs don’t have a cinema of travel rap. His courtesy to fact purposefully drains a adrenaline out of a unfolding and leaves a quotidian concentration on a smallest contribution of a situation—”Four deep, 5 seats, 3 guns,” he observes on “Get Paid”, and this is roughly all we get. “The sheets and crosses incited to suits and ties/ In Black America, can we survive?… No hopes and dreams, only leave us be, we disposition on a Bible,” he laments on “C.N.B.”, an countenance not so most of rebuttal as a elementary defence for peace. Sometimes, zero feels as genuine as elementary weariness, or wariness.

There is one loyal impulse of adore on a album. “Summertime” has some infrequently uttered guitar chords, that Clams Casino surrounds with his heading balmy sound of synths, like a buzzing atmosphere conditioner behind yellowed drapes. Staples half-sings in an tired monotone. “Look during a sun, all we need to see to know a freedom,” he offers. “My teachers told us we were slaves/ My momma told me we was kings/ we don’t know who to listen to/ we theory we somewhere in between/ My feelings told me adore is real/ But feelings here can get we killed.” It’s a adore song, or a closest thing to that Vince Staples allows himself to make—an stipend that adore competence exist. There’s zero in a song’s passionless knock, a arrangement, or in Staples’ voice, that gives divided a warmth. It is only there, like a object a song’s characters glance during to know their freedom.

San Diego DUI Lawyer Jesse Adriance is among the Finalists for Top Attorney 2015 by sddt.com

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San Diego DUI lawyer Jesse Adriance has been named as a Top San Diego County Attorney for 2015 by The Daily Transcript / San Diego Source.

Among the 1,200 nominees, Jesse Adriance has been chosen by his peers to be included in the top list as one of the finest lawyers within the legal community of San Diego. He will be highlighted in the July 29th Top Attorneys 2015 special publication of “The Daily Transcript” as well  as online at sddt.com.

This list is published annually with finalists who have excelled in the legal community. Serving as a DUI lawyer in San Diego, Jesse Adriance owns and runs his own law firm called Adriance Law. His website has recently been re-launched with a new design to better serve his clients.

In addition to his professional services, Jesse has also reached a ‘Superb’ 9.9 AVVO rating through his excellence and expertise in handling DUI cases within the state.  His excellent track record in the community has helped his clients achieve outstanding case dismissal percentages.

Jesse is one of the few lawyers in San Diego that exclusively handles DUI cases.   With a reputation for excellence when it comes to aggressive representation and superior courtroom skills, Jesse Adriance always  delivers the best to his clients.

For those who are interested in the legal services provided by Jesse Adriance, please visit www.weonlydoduis.com or dial 619 365 5564 for more details.

Company: Adriance Law
Contact: Jesse Adriance, San Diego DUI Lawyer
Website: www.weonlydoduis.com
Address: San Diego, California
Telephone No.: 619 365 5564
Email:  jesse@adriancelaw.com

Dunn to represent Missouri at Miss USA 2015 Pageant

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Kansas City, MO — Rebecca Dunn, Miss Missouri USA and a 2014 graduate from the University of Missouri, is gearing up to participate in the Miss USA 2015 Pageant on July 12. The competition will be broadcast on NBC on July 12 at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central Standard Time.

“I am absolutely honored and thrilled to represent Missouri on and off the Miss USA stage,” the Kansas City native said.

Dunn graduated in May 2014 from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science and Disorders. She was crowned Miss Missouri USA 2015 in November of last year. “The past year has been one to remember,” she said.

“This entire year has been a huge blessing,” Dunn said. “I have been able to volunteer at so many charity events, meet incredible Missourians with huge hearts, as well as travel across the country to prepare for the pageant.”

“I’m most looking forward to meeting the other contestants and stepping on the Miss USA stage,” she said, “which is something I have been dreaming about for a long time now. I can’t wait to give it my all and bring home that crown.”

While she was a junior at the University of Missouri, Dunn said “competing in pageants was something she started to pursue.”  “I’ve never looked back,” Dunn said. “It has been such an incredible experience.”

During her time at University of Missouri, Dunn founded a mentorship program called Mizzou for You that helps peers with special needs transition from high school to adulthood. As Miss Missouri, Dunn has been able to advocate for the program, which has been a great opportunity, she said. Dunn said she credits her leadership roles and responsibilities she had at Mizzou to prepare her for all aspects of the competition.

Throughout her reign as Miss Missouri USA, Dunn has helped raise money for Warriors for Ross, named after Donald “Ross” Elliott III, a child who lost his battle with leukemia at a young age. The campaign aims to help families with children who have been diagnosed with leukemia.

The winner of the Miss USA 2015 Pageant will represent the United States at the Miss Universe Pageant.

You can follow Rebecca Dunn on the Road to The Crown as she competes for Miss USA:

Facebook:  Miss Missouri USA
Instagram:  missmissouriusa
Twitter:  realmissmousa

Contact Information:
Christine Dunn
(913) 486-1796
Email: Roadforthecrown@gmail.com

Awesome Film Ideas Presents New Movies Scripts

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Screenplays available for production.

Joe Kelly for President.  Illustrates how one can fulfill their childhood dream of becoming President of the United States.  It is also a rags-to-riches story (farmer to President).

Psycho Trainer. A physical fitness trainer who works a male client to overexertion—and death

Children of the Train. Train conductor is kidnapping children to save them from abusive situations; children who were thought to have disappeared and thought to have been abducted are found.

Artistic Kill.  The sexual abusers that we hear about in the news who are connected to the church do not go unpunished.

Duo Demise. Two women, who look a lot alike due to having the same multiple-sperm donor father, and like characteristics of mother, decide to murder their multiple sperm donor/playboy father; they get away with it, so go on to kill other multiple sperm donors.

Freaky Florist. Flowers such as: the orchid, strawberry flower, red lilac, orange blossom, rose, carnation, pansy all come to life through the magical work of talented artists.

Box Elder Bugs. Science fiction story in which box elder bugs are really people.

Where is Ralph? Three women and two men are linked in a mysterious circle of marriage, children, tragedy, blackmail, death, and unexplained events.

Kill File. Anything is possible with computers in today’s technology.

Personalities to Avoid. Stories are based on real experiences  are not without purpose; they illustrate what is expected of the other person in a relationship–something that people who are seeking that lasting relationship, seem to have forgotten.

Six White Cars. Roadblock, six white cars crash, ambulances arrive at the scene; all six drivers are taken away as if dead; all involved in crimes and end up in damnation together.

Secret City. People disappear from the exits on a highway into a Secret City–a utopian city.

Awesome Film Ideas
Twitter:  FilmIdeas  @AwesomeFilmIdea

Is Local Directory Traffic On The Rise Again?

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I keep a tighten eye on a health of a internal online office market. It’s an critical partial of a internal information ecosystem, and it’s executive to a reference work finished by us (at my company, BrightLocal) and by many thousands of internal hunt marketers.

I’ve been monitoring the trade fortunes of a series of office sites given 2011, and a charts and analysis next are a follow-up to identical information we common final year.

The information is taken from Quantcast, and a figure used is their U.S. “People per Month” data, that they report as “[t]he estimated series of people assessing a skill from online and mobile web in aggregate.”

Note: The total supposing by Quantcast are estimates and will differ from other tracking sources. The information is best used to perspective trends and to compare volumes and trends between sites. The information is for a U.S. — U.S. directories and U.S. users.

We complicated 30 of a many prominent, good known, and high trade U.S. directories including Yelp, Whitepages, YP, MapQuest and 26 others.

The altogether design stays one of long-term decrease for a internal online office marketplace as a whole, with a exceptions of a integrate of directories bucking a downward trend. However, in a final two months, a total trade to directories appears to have bounced and is climbing again.

Most Sites In Decline But Yelp Remains Constant

All Sites vs Yelp - 2013-2015 Visits

Over a past 28 months, there has been a 35% decline in trade to a tip online directories. We’ve distant Yelp from a rest of a organisation since a traffic is so immeasurable in comparison that mixing it with a others skews a perspective of what’s happening in a attention during large.

In fact, we can see that Yelp’s revisit numbers (approx. 80 million/month) are roughly a same as a other 29 sites combined! This unequivocally shows a impact of Yelp’s investment in its service.

Yelp has grown and nurtured a constant review-writing audience, that has authorised it to build a many extensive set of online reviews for internal businesses. In turn, it has cumulative poignant placement deals with Yahoo and Apple Maps. This, along with substantiating itself as a domicile name brand, has meant its user numbers have remained high and flourishing while those around it flounder.

Are Bigger Brand Directories Doing Any Better?

We know that Google likes brands and uses code as a approach of distinguishing creditable sites and businesses from others with identical calm though reduction authority. Yelp positively advantages from this.

Among a 30 directories we examined, there are some other well-known(ish) brands; we’ve dubbed these the “Big 12.” So, are they faring any improved than a smaller, obtuse famous brands?

The following draft looks during % change in visits from May 2014 to May 2015.

Percentage Change - Visits - Last 12 months

So, it appears a answer is, “No, not really!”

In fact, a bigger directories have mislaid a incomparable commission of their traffic (18%) than a smaller directories (13%). Over a same period, Yelp saw a 6% uplift in traffic.

So, Is The Future Bleak For Local Directories?

If we concentration in on a initial 5 months of 2015 (Jan-May), a story indeed looks a small some-more flushed for a beleaguered directories. The draft next shows a tumble from Jan-March, that is topsy-turvy in Apr and May.

All Sites vs Yelp - Jan 2015 - May 2015

If we separate out the Big 12 directories from a smaller sites, afterwards we can see that a Big 12 have benefited a many from this reconstruction of fortunes, while the smaller sites have not.

Percentage Change - Visits - Last 5 months


Who Are The Big Winners Losers?

If we demeanour some-more closely during the Big 12 sites, we can see that over a final 12 months, there have been some transparent winners and losers.

Big 12 - Percentage Change - Last 12 months

The Better Business Bureau website (BBB.org) has seen poignant expansion in visits, adult 70% from May 2014 to 10m visits/month.

Yelp and Whitepages.com have also seen some growth, though usually fractionally.

Why Is BBB.org Bucking The Trend?

Technically, BBB isn’t a office like a others. It is a organisation of internal organizations that champion trust in internal businesses and offer accreditation for businesses — that helps consumers know if a business is infallible and decent versus low peculiarity and to be avoided.

But a site does yield listings of businesses, publishes consumer reviews about businesses, and earns income from businesses who get accredited. It’s also a site than many hunt marketers like to build citations on, so we’ve enclosed it in a data.

I trust there are two key things that set BBB.org apart from normal directories:

  • Unique Review Content. The site is building a decent operation of reviews, that provides singular calm for Google to offshoot into.
  • High Trust Factor. Google likes sites it can trust, and BBB is built to assistance consumers make improved choices by disclosing a law about a business. But it’s not only about Google. As some-more consumers turn wakeful of BBB.org, they will start to rest on it some-more when purchasing from internal businesses.

BBBorg Growth in Traffic

What Does The Next 12 Months Hold?

It’s tough to envision anything solely for some-more decline; certainly, that appears to be a opinion for smaller directories. Even as we type, a effects of Google’s May “Doorway” algorithm refurbish might be carrying an outcome on these sites. The accurate result/evidence of this is still unclear, and we indicate we in a instruction of Andrew Shotland’s blog to review some-more about this.

This decrease in fortunes will expected lead to closures or mergers of some sites as their business models no longer broach adequate income to make them inestimable ventures for their owners.

For incomparable names in a industry, a diversion is shifting. They’re now apropos selling use businesses building out a far-reaching array of services to sell to internal businesses — all from website building to PPC to repute management. Their directories offer them a source of leads to sell these services to — so they’ll say them, though they won’t be a core of a businesses anymore.

Some opinions voiced in this essay might be those of a guest author and not indispensably Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

Be a partial of a world’s largest hunt selling conference, Search Engine Land’s SMX East. The strong agenda covers a latest strategy in paid search, SEO, mobile, analytics and more. Register today and save $300, or come as a group and save 10%-20%.

About The Author

(Some images used underneath permit from Shutterstock.com.)

Help Us Improve a Moz Blog: 2015 Reader Survey

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In late 2013, we asked we all about your knowledge with a Moz Blog. It was a initial time we’d collected approach feedback from a readers in some-more than 3 years—an perpetuity in a selling industry. With a gait of change in a line of work (not to discuss your schedules and reading habits) we didn’t wish to wait that prolonged again, so we’re holding this event to ask we how good we’re gripping up.

Our mission is to assistance we all turn improved marketers, and to do that, we need to know some-more about you. What hurdles do we all face? What are your pain points? Your day-to-day frustrations? If we could learn some-more about one or dual (or three) topics, what would those be?

If you’ll assistance us out by holding this five-minute survey, we can make certain we’re charity a many useful and profitable calm we presumably can. When we’re finished looking by a responses, we’ll follow adult with a post about what we learned.

Thanks, everyone; we’re vehement to see what we have to say!

Can’t see a survey? Click here to take it in a new tab.

Basic Invite Launches 20 New Full Photo Birth Announcements

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BasicInvite.com has recently launched 20 new fully customizable birth announcements bringing their total to over 115 unique designs.

Basic Invite responds to customer requests for full photo birth announcement cards with 20 new designs targeted directly at giving each photo the most real-estate possible on the card.

Marketing Director Eric Mortensen when asked about the new designs said, “At Basic Invite we try our hardest to listen to our customers and they let us know that the most important part of their birth announcements was their newest arrival.  So everything about these new designs puts the focus on the newborn from the photo that fills the entire card to the smaller design elements.”

The 20 new baby and birth announcements bring the total designs available to over 115 completely customizable designs. Each of the new designs offers the same personalization options customers have come to expect from Basic Invite.  Each design element can be changed to over 150 different color options as well as any text element has over 100 different font choices.

The ability to change the color of each element allows customers to create announcements that are truly as unique in minutes.  Real-time previews will allow the customer to see each and every change online without having to wait on a designer which in turn speeds up the whole design process.

Another feature that sets Basic Invite apart from most other stationery providers is the ability the customer has to order a custom samples. Once a customer has designed a card they have the ability to order just one of their design so that they can see the print and paper quality before they place their full order.  The custom sample will come as part of a sample pack that includes each paper type Basic Invite has to offer as well as a color guide of all of the colors Basic Invite offers so the customer can see exactly what each color will print like.

About Basic Invite
BasicInvite.com was started in 2007 and headquartered in Saint George Utah; Basic Invite offers hundreds of hand picked invitations designs from a global network of indie designers. Choose from a full line of customizable wedding sets, graduation announcements, baby stationery, Bar Mitzvah invitations as well as holiday cards.

1224 S River Rd, Ste B208
Saint George, Ut 84790

Dutch challenger of IT industry Giants gets funded with € 100.000

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Schiphol, 29 June 2015 – Ekipa.co, the global marketplace for software teams, got funded with 100.000 euros from private investors. The founders and its investors saw that with the growth in enterprise usage of Saas and cloud products,  software development services should be available from the cloud too.

For decades, the IT industry has been dominated by giants like Accenture, IBM, Cognizant. Governments and private companies spend millions on IT projects that do not deliver on expectations. Ekipa.co, an Amsterdam based international marketplace for software teams, was started to change exactly this.

Ekipa.co – The global marketplace for software teams
An online platform enabling organisations to find and hire vetted software teams from all over the globe. In the US, online marketplaces to find skilled individuals like Odesk, Stackoverflow and Linkedin are on the rise. Hiring a complete expert team ‘from the cloud’ wasn’t possible, until now.

And then there was Ekipa, launched earlier this year. A marketplace that brings together demand for building software and teams that do just that. Clients may submit a variety of requests, from a mobile app, responsive webshop to niche technologies like Ruby on Rails or Python. Within 2 months, 100 teams from the Netherlands, India and many Eastern European countries, have registered.

Specialist IT knowledge is the key
IT giants can do ‘anything and everything’, but it would be against the laws of statistics if the best teams were always found within their organizations. Companies seem to settle for working with allround teams while there’s probably a much better specialist team outside the giant. On top of that, money is spent on long RFP cycles and on managing ‘risk’ by selecting the usual suspects (did anyone ever got fired hiring IBM?).

Teams that are experts at building the solution a client needs, for a similar company, build better software, do it faster and cheaper. Ekipa offers organisations a convenient way to find those expert teams, along with customer reviews and vetting and…. quality controls in place that favor only one of the participants in the software development game, the client.

Ekipa will do for the IT consulting industry what Airbnb did for the hotel industry. In just a few years, Airbnb could offer the same amount of rooms as the large hotel chains. Ekipa plans to grow the team database to match the quantity that companies like Accenture and IBM offer and is set on surpassing them in quality of services..

The last barrier to global outsourcing is gone
“As with all market disrupting startups, the power of the reviews and vetting are of the utmost importantance for customers”, according to Hugo Messer, Ekipa’s CEO. With the search function, a customer gets an overview of teams that have built solutions for companies in the same industry and technology.

The vetting gives customers the confidence that they work with professional teams that know what they are doing. Moreover, Ekipa supports the collaboration that is established through the platform with additional services. We remove the last barrier for people to outsource their software development globally”

The first user experience of 22 Times
The market has noticed the launch of Ekipa. Today, over 20 companies have placed a project-request. Recently, the first Ekipa booked its first deal. “Through Ekipa I got four international software teams presented. I selected two that match our vision and the specific project requirements. The experience of the team as well as the engagement of Ekipa gave us the confidence that we have found the best software team at short notice”, according to Erwin Moojen, CEO of 22 Times.

Ekipa is the global marketplace where (SME) organisations can find global software teams to build their software fast and easily. The vetted teams available on Ekipa are able to offer a whole gamut of development services. Websites, webshops, ERP systems, mobile apps or niche technologoies like Ruby on Rails or Python. So far, over 100 software teams from the US, the Netherlands, India and several Eastern European countries, have registered with Ekipa and the number keeps increasing daily.

Ekipa.co is a spin off from Bridge Global IT Staffing, a company with over 10 years experience in software development outsourcing. Bridge has 75 employees with offices in India, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

Contact information
Evert van de Beekstraat 310
1118 CX Schiphol, The Netherlands

Hugo Messer – CEO founder of Ekipa
Phone: +31(0)20 222 1729
Skype; hugomesser
E-­mail: hugo@ekipa.co

Rchilli Parsing service being used in best Candidate Matching Solution Offered by Emptylemon

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EmptyLemon, a UK direct employer job board, has chosen RChilli Parser as an essential component for its new candidate matching solution.

“We made the investment to enhance the internal recruiter experience by matching candidates to the roles they have advertised on EmptyLemon.  We chose RChilli as the parsing component to separate out the key information in our pool of 467,000 CVs; it is then used with matching software Actonomy”. Andrew Kelly, Technical Director.

EmptyLemon was founded in 2010 and only posts jobs from the direct employers; it does not allow recruitment companies to advertise, so employers have less competition to secure the best candidates.  The goal of EmptyLemon is to put candidates directly in contact with employers, enhance the candidate experience and focus on employer branding.

The candidate matching software is an important component in EmptyLemon’s strategy to offer a cost effective and easy to use, all in one solution for employers, as opposed to investing in separate job posting and CV search credits. It will give internal recruiters an opportunity to see matched candidates for each role and take a proactive approach to contacting candidates.

When a job is posted by the employer, RChilli parses the candidate CV details and key phrases are matched according to context which is useful where there are many job titles to describe what is essentially the same role. The internal recruiter can see these in an easy interface showing strength of match, map, work history and candidate contact details.

RChilli parsing software was also used by EmptyLemon to parse CV content for an enhanced CV search function, which scores CVs according to strength of match to the search string.

A CV Automation company changing the realms of Recruitment in the best possible way. We do not build just solutions but capabilities to find the best talent in the fastest way. We Parse resumes, scour online profiles via Social, enables Semantic for search-match and finally Analytics to predict the future

About EmptyLemon
EmptyLemon is a UK job board which is for direct employers only, no recruitment agencies are allowed to advertise.  Candidate experience and employer branding are at the core of the job board.  Clients are across all sectors and include Barchester, Mitchells and Butlers and Sue Ryder.  EmptyLemon was set up in 2010 to cover vacancies UK wide from a base in Manchester.

Media Contact
Satish Mishra

Raj Kala Top Atlanta Actor, Musician, and Producer has Launched his Website

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Talented Actor and Musician Raj Kala has launched his official home page

June 8, 2015 – ATLANTA — Pleased to announce Actor, Producer, and musician Raj Kala has launched his brand new website http://theRajKala.com (http://therajkala.com/) to the world. Raj Kala has been acting professionally for the last 6 years.  He always knew he had the talents to become an entertainer since the tender age of 5 years old.  Today this multi-cultural actor with over 15 credits to his name, has matured into a most sought after seasoned performer.

Raj Kala held strongly his East Indian cultural roots and had to learn quickly to assimilate into the streets of Atlanta and western culture. Having to deal with dualism cultures of Western and Eastern Indian gave him a unique perspective on life. This experience allowed him to generate many interesting, real life moments, and very odd scenarios that he incorporates into the characters he portrays.  The incorporation of his life experiences into his character makes the east meets west so captivating.

Raj Kala amazing acting skills include: Multiple accents, motorcycling, Martial Arts, Combat/Weapons, comedy, and many more. He has proven time again with the diverse set of skills. With or without accent, Raj can portray a plethora of characters with skillful strength across all genres/styles of productions.

Raj Kala has been blessed to have worked with various different actors and musicians. Raj has been in collaboration on multi-platinum award winning projects. His amazing talents as a percussionist contributed to achieving platinum and gold album status for many of his fellow musical artists.  He played a crucial role on numerous albums with various artists such as Outkast, Chamillionare, Nelly, Carlos Santana, Ludacris, Mystikal, Killer Mike, Tito Lopez, and many more.  His lastest project included co producing Bubba Sparxxx’s latest album and toured on Outkast’s nation concert tour.

Raj has been on a recent episode of NBC’s “Mysteries of Laura” with Debra Messing which currently being picked up for a second season. Another recent project you can catch Raj on was Russ Parr’s “Hear no Evil”.   Other projects include: The Good Lie, Prognosis, Slice 3, Bloated minds, Ivy League, to name a few.  Raj has a long list of experience on various independent features/shorts/webisodes, and music videos.

Not only is Raj skilled in front of the camera, but also behind the camera as well.  He is a writer and executive producer for two TV Pilots that are currently in pre-production.

Raj Kala is certifiable Platinum talent and his rise to Hollywood Stardom is in the near future for this upcoming super star.

Visit Raj Kala at http://www.TheRajKala.com and follow him on Social Media

Twitter @rajkala_acts
Instagram @therajkala

Media Contact
Raj Kala
645 Lambert Drive
Atlanta, GA,30324,US
(+1) 404.874.6448
URL: http://www.TheRajKala.com

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