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Monthly Archives: February 2015

American twin wins 1st women’s bobsled title

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WINTERBERG, Germany — Elana Meyers Taylor and pusher Cherrelle Garrett kick 3 German crews to win a initial universe championship pretension in women’s bobsled for a United States on Saturday.

The Americans led after a initial dual heats on Friday and hold in a final dual runs Saturday to win absolutely forward of Anja Schneiderheinze and partner Annika Drazek, completing a 4 runs in an total time of 3 minutes, 46.47 seconds to kick a Germans by .43 seconds. Cathleen Martini and pusher Stephanie Schneider were 1.06 mins behind in third.

“I am impressed with tension right now, we am so happy,” Meyers Taylor pronounced in a matter expelled by USA Bobsled Skeleton after a event. “It all came together interjection to good coaches, teammates and staff. Everybody worked so tough to get this, and I’m only so beholden and thankful.”

Meyers Taylor also became a initial U.S. driver, male or woman, in 56 years to win a worlds pretension on a non-North American track.

The Americans’ dual other teams finished within a tip 10, with Jamie Greubel Poser and Lauren Gibbs fifth and Jazmine Fenlator and Natalie DeRatt sixth.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Article source: http://espn.go.com/olympics/bobsled/story/_/id/12398151/elana-meyers-taylor-cherrelle-garrett-win-women-bobsled-world-championship – NOW Sports

‘Zombie cat’ owners suing Humane Society for custody

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The cat, famous as Markie or Bart, was suspicion passed after being strike by a automobile in mid-January, and Hutson pronounced he was so distraught that he asked a neighbor puncture a grave. Five days later, a pet emerged, meowing for food.

Shade Sail Installation Tips

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When a summer object starts to take a toll, shade sails offer a resolution that is aesthetically pleasing, rarely organic and totally practical. You can place one or some-more shade sails usually about anywhere there are spots to anchor it, and can use them for providing preserve in your residential behind yard or during your blurb facility. If we recently done or systematic one of these good products and devise on installing it as shortly as a continue breaks, here are a few tips to assistance we get it right a initial time.

Determine your pattern and layout. One of a coolest things about shade sails is their versatility. You can hang them a accumulation of ways. The standard designs are possibly horizontally, or flat, with all corners during a same height; vertically, or adult and down, that creates a cruise like a remoteness fence; or during an angle, with a corners during incompatible heights. Your preference will eventually be formed on where we devise to hang your shade sail, a demeanour you’re after, as good as what we devise to use it for.

Choose your location. Figuring out where to implement your shade cruise involves several factors. First, we contingency cruise a sail’s size. Where will it fit properly? Next, we need to find a plcae that has structures that can amply offer as anchor points. You might also wish to cruise a instruction of a object to safeguard that your chain is many effective. As a warning, we should never implement a shade cruise circuitously a source of feverishness or flame, such as over a grill.

Gather suitable hardware. If you’ve done your possess shade sail, you’ll need to strike a hardware store and squeeze a suitable materials to implement it properly. You’ll need anchors to hitch to a circuitously structures, links to insert a cruise to a anchors and extensions (if necessary). If you’ve purchased your shade cruise ready-made, it should come with a correct hardware for discerning and easy installation.

Attach a cruise to a selected structures. Using all a hardware you’ve gathered, implement a anchors, and afterwards insert a cruise to those anchors regulating a links and extensions. Be certain that there is an suitable volume of tragedy on a sail. When commissioned properly, there should be few to no wrinkles in a fabric. If a cruise is not scrupulously pulled taut, not usually will it not be as useful, though it could also be some-more receptive to damage.

Once your shade cruise has been scrupulously installed, we can start enjoying a advantages it provides, such as service from a prohibited object and preserve from a breeze and other elements. Don’t forget to purify your cruise frequently regulating comfortable H2O and a amiable antiseptic (such as dishwashing soap). This will assistance to extend a life and concede we to get some-more use out of your investment for years to come.

Need assistance with your designation or selecting a shade cruise set adult that works for your needs? Give us a call during 800-504-6478. And, as always….stay cool, my friends!

The Many Uses of Misting Tents

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When the summer temps heat up and that sun is beating down, misting tents provide the perfect cooling relief. You may have seen one of these nifty structures at a public event, or maybe even at someone’s home. Could you use a misting tent? Let’s take a look at some of the many ways these portable, outdoor cooling centers can be utilized.

Sporting Events – Just because the thermometer is rising doesn’t mean outdoor sports get cancelled. Aside from the importance of keeping hydrated internally by drinking plenty of fluids, why not provide your team with external relief as well? Refresh, rehydrate and be ready to get back in the game with renewed energy. Even spectators can enjoy a much-needed reprieve from the brutal heat as they cheer on their favorite athletes!

Zoos/Playgrounds – When the dog days of summer are upon us, many choose to stay inside to avoid the sweltering temperatures and smothering humidity. Unfortunately, that often means missing out on some great outdoor adventures, such as playing at the park and visiting the animals at the local zoo. Misting tents offer convenient areas where guests can cool off throughout the day, making it much more inviting to come out from that air-conditioned home and have some fun!

Patios – Barbequing and dining outdoors can be challenging in the midst of those hot summer months. Don’t sit inside, wishing you were enjoying the fresh air! Place a misting tent over your cooking and/or dining area and you’ll have the best of both worlds!

Outdoor Parties – Planning an upcoming social event, but worried that the torrid temps and blazing hot sun will ruin everyone’s good time? A few carefully placed misting tents can quell your concern. Your guests can spend their day or evening leisurely taking in the warmth and then cooling off under the shelter of the outdoor cooling centers. And since the mist is super fine, nobody will have to worry about getting wet or ruining that perfect hairdo.

Farmers Markets – Warmer weather brings a plethora of tasty, locally grown foods, but who wants to bake in the sun all day waiting for customers to stop by and fill up their basket? The beauty of misting tents is that they’re easy to set up and use. As long as you’ve got a long enough hose, you can create a refreshing outdoor shop that’s sure to attract all the locals. As a bonus, the cooling relief of the mist will also help to keep fruits and veggies fresh and looking delicious.

Of course, these are just a few of the many creative ways you can use a misting system in your yard, business or other outdoor area. Have another unique idea to share? Leave us a reply – we’d love to hear it! In the meantime, you can call 800-504-6478 to order your very own misting tent. And, as always…stay cool, my friends.

Conn's Donates 20,000 New Books to Houston-Area Educators

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Houston-area schools and credentials programs will accept 20,000 new books from specialty tradesman Conn’s, Inc. The placement eventuality outlines a initial vital activation of Conn’s Cares, a new munificent module that is assisting urge a communities it serves by lenient children.

Today, some-more than 150 internal Houston educators will accept 125 new books – one for any year Conn’s has been in business – for their propagandize or program, all of that offer a high race of students from low-income households for whom books are mostly scarce. More than 75 Conn’s employees volunteered to arrange and discharge books on Wednesday, Feb 25, in credentials for today’s concession event.

“Conn’s is unapproachable to be partial of a Houston community,” pronounced Theodore M. Wright, Conn’s authority and arch executive officer. “We know there are children in larger Houston who miss entrance to books and assisting fill that blank will give them larger event to succeed.”

First Book, a nonprofit amicable craving that provides books and educational resources to children in need, is facilitating a concession as partial of a long-term preparation partnership with Conn’s.

“Books pave a trail to a child’s success, in propagandize and in life,” pronounced Kyle Zimmer, boss and CEO of First Book. “By putting these vicious educational resources into a hands of internal kids in need, Conn’s is improving lives now and investing in a destiny of a Houston community.”

Launching In “Space City”

Launching Conn’s Cares in Houston was an easy preference for a Company. In further to being a headquarter city, Houston is Conn’s largest marketplace with 22 stores and some-more than 800 employees in a evident area.

Choosing preparation for this initial activation of Conn’s Cares is a reverence to a Company’s abounding munificent history. Literacy has been a concentration of Conn’s dating behind to when C.W. Conn, Jr. would join employees to review in a schools of a first city, Beaumont, Texas.

“As Conn’s celebrates a 125th anniversary, we are gratified that Conn’s Cares reinforces a Company’s joining to urge communities by education,” pronounced Wright. “Investing in children creates a sputter outcome of certain outcomes for generations.”

About Conn’s

Conn’s is a specialty tradesman now handling some-more than 90 sell locations in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. The Company’s primary product categories include:

  • Furniture and mattress, including seat and associated accessories for a vital room, dining room and bedroom, as good as both normal and specialty mattresses;
  • Home appliance, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers and ranges;
  • Consumer electronics, including LCD, LED, 3-D, Ultra HD and plasma televisions, Blu-ray players, home museum and video diversion products, digital cameras and unstable audio equipment; and
  • Home office, including computers, tablets, printers and accessories.

Additionally, Conn’s offers a accumulation of products on a anniversary basis. Unlike many of a competitors, Conn’s provides stretchable in-house credit options for a business in further to third-party financing programs and third celebration rent-to-own remuneration plans.

About First Book

First Book is a nonprofit amicable craving that has distributed some-more than 155 million books and educational resources to programs and schools portion children from low-income families by a United States and Canada. By creation new, high-quality books accessible on an ongoing basis, First Book is transforming a lives of children in need and elevating a peculiarity of education. For some-more information, revisit firstbook.org or follow a latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

Computer Sciences Corporation is new further to JANA’s portfolio

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JANA Partners reveals 4Q14 holdings: What’s new and what’s gone? (Part 4 of 11)

(Continued from Part 3)

JANA adds new position in Computer Sciences Corporation

JANA Partners combined a poignant seductiveness in Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). The position accounted for 1.62% of a fund’s sum fourth-quarter portfolio.

Computer Sciences Corporation has a 0.24% bearing to a Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK). The ETF offers bearing to a record sector.

Overview of Computer Sciences Corporation
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) provides information record (or IT) and veteran services and solutions. The company’s reportable segments are Global Business Services (or GBS), Global Infrastructure Services (or GIS), and North American Public Sector (or NPS).

  • GBS provides end-to-end applications services, consulting, large data, and industry-aligned program and solutions to craving clients around a world. Through strategic partnerships with heading record companies such as HCL Technologies and SAP, CSC helps clients update and pierce craving workloads to next-generation Cloud infrastructure. It leverages the advantages of mobility, amicable networking, and large data.
  • GIS provides managed and practical desktop solutions, one communications and partnership services, information core management, Cloud services, cyber security, and discriminate and managed storage solutions to blurb clients globally. It also delivers next-generation hybrid Cloud infrastructure solutions to clients.
  • NPS delivers IT, mission, and operations-related services to a Department of Defense, polite agencies of a US federal government, and other foreign, state, and internal supervision agencies.

CSC listened rumors of a leveraged buyout final year

Last year, CSC underwent a turnaround led by Mike Lawrie, a company’s arch executive officer. The turnaround focused on cost cuts and a sale of noncore assets.

An unconfirmed Bloomberg   report   during a finish of Sep pronounced CSC has been perplexing to attract seductiveness from private-equity firms, including a Blackstone Group L.P. and Bain Capital, over a leveraged buyout. The news combined that nonetheless CSC’s multiples are attractive, a companies are concerned about a money upsurge and slower-growing units.

CSC swings to a net detriment in mercantile 3Q15

For a third   entertain of mercantile   2015, CSC swung to a net detriment of $314 million or $2.23 per share compared to a net income of $271 million or $1.81 per share in a year-ago quarter. Revenue declined 8.7% to $2.95 billion from $3.23 billion in a year ago quarter.

CSC pronounced a decrease in income from stability operations was due to a approval of grant actuarial and allotment waste of $462 million and SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) settlement-related charges of $195 million.

JANA’s 4Q14 positions

JANA Partners added new stakes in NCR Corporation (NCR), SolarCity Corporation (SCTY), Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (SLXP). It sole stakes in Equinix, Inc. (EQIX), Cameron International Corporation (CAM), Dollar General Corporation (DG), and QEP Resources Inc. (QEP). It combined to a stakes in Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (HTZ) and Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX).

In a subsequent partial of this series, we’ll demeanour during JANA Partners’ new position in Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (SLXP).

Continue to Part 5

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Central Animal Hospital Urging Vigilance for Pet Dental Health Month

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SCARSDALE, N.Y., Feb. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Veterinarian Dr. Michael Woltz of Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale says that a pet’s bad exhale competence be distant some-more than an annoyance; it competence be a pointer of dental disease. He urges pet owners to report exams and cleanings for pet dental health month in Feb and beyond. He adds that scarcely 80 percent of adult pets have some grade of periodontal disease, that can be unpleasant for pets and lead to serve health complications. Dr. Woltz explains that germ from dental illness can even widespread to repairs other inner viscera like a heart and liver.

“Bad exhale is only one of a probable symptoms of pet dental disease,” says Dr. Woltz. “You competence also see distended gums, yellowed, or even blank teeth and blood on bedding or toys. Worse still are a pets in so most pain they don’t even wish to eat or drink, or that have delegate infections stemming from infections in their mouths.”

Dr. Woltz stresses that even if a pet does not vaunt any of these symptoms, he or she competence still have pet dental illness that needs treatment. The American Veterinary Medical Association urges pet owners to report during slightest one pet dental hearing and cleaning any year and to learn how to brush their pets’ teeth during home. Dr. Woltz says that he and his associate veterinarians during Central Animal Hospital check all aspects of a pet’s verbal health during examinations. He says they both purify and gloss teeth to forestall destiny tartar buildup and that they can also perform extractions and other forms of verbal medicine if needed.

Dr. Woltz says that one of his categorical goals is to highlight impediment by training pet owners how to brush their pets’ teeth during home. He recommends solemnly building adult a pet’s toleration to a thought by regulating duck or tuna gas on a square of compress during a same time any day. He says pet owners can gradually and patiently work adult to a pet toothbrush and pet toothpastes with pet-friendly flavors like peanut butter or chicken. He cautions pet owners to equivocate tellurian toothpastes as these can dissapoint a pet’s stomach.

“It’s a lot easier to build adult a good pet teeth-brushing robe than you’d think—and it will forestall a lot of pain and infection for your pet. It only takes some patience, diligence and a lot of praise,” says Dr. Woltz. He says anyone who needs recommendation on training their pets for teeth brushing should revisit their website or call their office.

Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale is a full use veterinary core providing pet wellness checkups, vaccinations, health certificates, pet nutrition, obligatory veterinary care, pet medicine and pet dental caring for cats, dogs and outlandish pets. To find out more, revisit their website during http://bestvets.net.

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SearchCap: Yahoo Search Share, Google Red Slow Icons & Green Stars

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Below is what happened in hunt today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places opposite a web.

From Search Engine Land:

Recent Headlines From Marketing Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Internet Marketing:

Search News From Around The Web:


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Link Building



SEM / Paid Search

Search Marketing

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Branding your approach to Success Online

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Branding your approach to Success Online

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It is easy for a association to set adult a website on a World Wide Web. However, a ever-changing Internet final that simply carrying a website is not adequate to explain a presence. If a business wants to be successful on a Internet, they have to emanate a clever code and know how to strech a tip of a hunt engines. Search engines are no longer concentrating on keywords, either; a concentration is now on content, peculiarity and user experience.


Search engines are looking for websites that rivet their readers. Articles and discussions are acquire and encouraged. However, not usually any articles or discussions will do. The calm on a website has to be of good peculiarity and describe to a association or a company’s industry. Fresh, ominous information will keep a business returning to a website.

Keywords are still important, generally given those are what people enter into a hunt engines, though keyword stuffing will indeed revoke a website’s ranking. Discussions that rivet a reader are also noted, so it is critical that a website has a comments territory or contention forum where business can ask questions or speak to patron use representatives.

Word of Mouth

This does not meant simply people referring their friends to a company. Word of mouth on a Internet is also how mostly a company’s name or code is mentioned on other websites, substantiating a association as an authority. Search engines take this into comment when ranking is determined. The idea is to have an embedded couple on another website that leads directly to a company’s site. Brand anxiety is good, though an embedded couple is better.

Using Social Media

Having a Facebook page or Twitter comment for a association isn’t adequate for a new SEO rankings. The calm on those sites needs to rivet a reader as most as a website content. The calm also needs to be unique. The new hunt engine algorithms are designed to commend transcribe content, and transcribe calm is scored low. Sharing a couple to a website essay is acceptable, though improved ranking comes from a brief announcement or outline of a essay on a amicable media forum. Duplicating a same content from Facebook to Twitter is also discouraged.

What does this have to do with branding?

Branding is a routine of positioning a association as an authority. The usually approach to do that is to get people articulate about and reading about a company. It’s about good patron experiences, both with a product and by communication. Paying courtesy to a people and their needs before increase creates a certain code image.

Small businesses that do not have selling departments would be correct to sinecure a association that is proficient in SEO and branding. SEO alone will not rocket a association to success on a Internet. Building a clever code that is trustworthy to certain keywords is a best approach to safeguard that a company’s business does not get buried during a bottom of a hunt engine.

For some-more information about Net Success USA, greatfully call 1-800-736-0081 or email support@netsuccessusa.com.

Answer The Question All Businesses Ask… PPC vs. SEO or BOTH?

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PPC vs. SEO or BOTH?

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If you’re meddlesome in bringing some-more visitors to your website, it’s essential to have a hunt engine selling plan. Search engine formula move websites a poignant volume of traffic. Best of all, we can assume that leads entrance from hunt engines are already meddlesome in what we have to offer since they searched for something that brought them to your website. Most people won’t demeanour past a initial or second page of results, so websites that are ranked tip will suffer some-more traffic. To boost your search engine rankings and accept some-more visitors, you’ll need an Internet marketing devise that focuses on hunt engine optimization (SEO) and compensate per click (PPC) advertising.

The Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization refers to several selling strategies that are directed during improving your organic hunt engine rankings. Organic hunt formula are those that start naturally within Google’s rankings. Many businesses cite to concentration their Internet selling efforts on SEO devise since organic hunt formula are free. However, effective SEO requires clever devise and a focused selling plan.

Your hunt engine rankings are formed on a peculiarity of your website. Google and other vital hunt engines weigh your site’s relevancy by looking during factors like content, keyword use and recommendations from amicable media networks. While websites aren’t ranked according to an accurate science, Google’s algorithms take a series of factors into comment in sequence to establish either or not your website is essential to intensity visitors. Customers know that a tip formula are expected to be many applicable and they will revisit highly-ranked pages some-more often. By focusing your selling efforts on SEO, you’ll suffer aloft trade during a manageable, affordable price.

The Benefits of PPC

PPC ads are paid hunt formula that seem any time someone searches for a associated term. One of a biggest advantages of PPC ads is that you’ll usually compensate when someone indeed clicks on one of your ads. Clicks typically cost between 50 cents and a few dollars each. However, a people who click on your ads are substantially already meddlesome in what we have to offer. You might see aloft acclimatisation rates from PPC ads.

Many businesses also deposit in PPC ads since a devise provides a discerning approach to build traffic. An effective SEO devise can take months to build, and many businesses find it formidable to say a high ranking on a initial or second page of Google results. PPC ads concede we to get your company’s name in front of intensity business right away.

Creating a Successful Online Marketing Plan

You’ll see advantages when we exercise PPC ads or SEO tactics, though a many successful online selling skeleton use a multiple of a dual strategies. PPC brings evident formula with present clicks, and SEOhelps we urge your hunt engine rankings over time. Both strategies work to move some-more visitors to your website, and aloft trade typically translates to increases in your acclimatisation rates. Businesses suffer a best formula when they concede SEO and PPC selling strategies to element one another.

Net Success USA Helps with Both

We have been assisting online businesses attain in all areas of a internet, though quite with hunt engine selling and optimization. If we are struggling with your PPC campaign, let us review your campaigns and give we suggestions on how we can conduct it some-more efficiently, or we can hoop it for you. Are your competitors kicking your you-know-what on organic rankings? We are a world’s largest provider of hunt engine optimization and we can assistance we by starting with a free website analysis and conference to try your strengths and weaknesses to emanate a successful and essential online selling debate that fits your needs and your budget.

For some-more information about Net Success USA, greatfully call 1-800-736-0081 or email support@netsuccessusa.com.

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