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Yearly Archives: 2015

Google to Stop Unofficial Autocomplete API

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Google will block access to its autocomplete API to unauthorised users starting from 10 August 2015.

When asked about the move, Google explained: “We built autocomplete as a complement to Search, and never intended that it would exist disconnected from the purpose of anticipating user search queries.

“Over time we’ve realized that, while we can conceive uses for an autocomplete data feed outside search results that may be valuable, overall the content of our automatic completions are optimized and intended to be used in conjunction with web search results and, outside the context of a web search, don’t provide a meaningful user benefit.”

There have been several games and other sites created using the API with the idea of guessing exactly what Google would come up with for certain combinations of words.

The complete picture for the service is that it was originally designed for use only within the context of the Google Search itself. The API has remained unofficially available, but hasn’t really been part of the official Google offering.

Google goes on to say: “In the interest of maintaining the integrity of autocomplete as part of Search, we will be restricting unauthorized access to the unpublished autocomplete API as of 10 August 2015.

“We want to ensure that users experience autocomplete as it was designed to be used – as a service closely tied to Search. We believe this provides the best user experience for both services.”

Anyone who wants to make use of the autocomplete feature in the way they see fit can still do so using the Google Custom Search feature for their own site.

The API came about as a result of reverse engineering by the community and this hasn’t always been a bad thing. The Google Maps API also began unofficially before eventually being adopted (and licensed for a charge) by Google.

Earlier this year, Google killed off the YouTube v2 API pulling down support for a number of smart devices which relied on it. 

clarity water products

Hot Tub Treatment Company Clarity Water Products Announces Hot Tub Treatments that Eliminate Hot Tub Rash & Folliculitis

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Clever Hot Tub Company Creates Hot Tub Treatments that Eliminate Hot Tub Rash & Folliculitis

Spa owners love their spas, but they hate the amount of work that goes into keeping them clean. Many hot tub treatments require the use of harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin and expose you to harmful agents that are unhealthy for you. The beneficial properties of soaking in a hot tub, has been recognized for ages as a healthy way to soothe aching muscles and relax. Just ask the Japanese, who understand the importance of a good dip in an onsen. Spas are the ideal way to stay connected to others, and to unwind after a long day of work. The trick is to keep your hot tub clean and clear, while still avoiding harsh hot tub chemicals.

Common Hot Tub Issues

A hot tub should be a moisturizing and enjoyable experience, but many people emerge with rashes and can’t figure out why. The issue is with the large amounts of chlorine and other chemicals that can burn your eyes and upset your skin. The chlorine dries out you skin, but it’s also important to kill bacteria and keep you tub safe. Purchasing a hot tub sanitizer can have the effect of stabilizing the pH of your pool as well. This makes the addition of a natural sanitizer the right choice for a healthy spa. If you’re paying for a monthly service technician to come by and maintain your pool, you’re really getting scammed and tricked into the belief that these issues are impossible for you to address on your own. Take care of your spa using natural chemicals and save hundreds of dollars yearly off the cost of maintenance and chemicals.

The All Natural Route Helps the Environment

The all natural route to taking care of your spa is better for the environment that using harsh chemicals. The toxic chemical brew you’ve been using is unsafe for animals, the eco-system and water supplies, yet we continue to use it in our pools and spas. The fact is that you will need to eventually conduct maintenance on your pool, but when using a natural solution the time between maintenance tasks will be much greater. This is because toxic chemicals can overwhelm your pool and cause it to degrade more quickly. With toxic chemicals, you have to continually add additional treatments to keep your spa clean. Natural treatments build a safe and clean eco-system that benefits the environment. Don’t fall for the marketing designed to make you think toxic chemicals are the answer. Try a natural approach and you’ll see how effectively it manages your spa.

Get More Enjoyment Using Natural Treatments

An all natural hot tub treatment will help you avoid hot tub rash, and it will help you get more out of your spa experience. You’ll no longer smell the harsh chemicals, and you’ll be able to put your head under water without the burning and itching eyes that are the result of chlorine. Not to mention that keeping chlorine around the house is dangerous for kids, it’s simply not a safe enough option for your family’s spa. You need a spa treatment that kills the bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa. Hot Tub Rash is a verified and well-known Recreational Water Illness (RWI). It can be an allergic reaction or the result of bacteria in the water. The issue is actually worse in areas covered by swimwear or in direct contact with the spa jets. Chlorine and toxic water treatments break down quickly in water, which increases the odds of this bacteria increasing.

clarity water products

The Difference Between All Natural and Chemical Methods

It’s only natural to be skeptical of a supposed all natural method for keeping your spa safe. Hot tub treatments are surprisingly rather simple. If you keep the pH of your spa at the right level, that alone will help reduce the growth of bacteria. Bacteria tends to grow in poor water conditions, and chemicals alone won’t keep those conditions stable. You must constantly check the water with chemical treatments because those chemicals break down too quickly. The other aspect is maintaining good sanitization efforts both in and out of the spa. No matter what method you use, it makes sense to wash off with soap and water after a long soak. This alone can help keep you safe from unsafe conditions. But, the better option is to simply keep your spa safe using an all natural hot tub treatment.

Avoid an unnecessary trip to the doctor and take care of poor water conditions by using a natural water treatment. You’ll appreciate what you’re doing for the environment, your home, and your family, and you can feel confident that you’re properly maintaining your spa. The best toxic chemicals for keeping your spa clean can’t match natural treatments for optimal health, safety, and stability of your water.

Visit http://claritywaterproducts.com to learn more about how you can keep your hot tub clean and chemical free!

Rising Spoken Word Artist Carissa Luckey (Spiritually Feministic) is taking Texas stages by storm!

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Spiritually Feministic delivers poetry that touches the soul.

Houston, TX – July 25, 2015 – Spoken word artist Spiritually Feministic will perform Wednesday, July 29, 2015, at Houston Improv – Natural Hair Showcase – 7620 Katy Freeway 77055. Carissa Luckey’s poetry is mesmerizing to all generations. When Spiritually Feministic (stage name) takes the mic, her natural stage presence is alluring and her verses are thought-provoking. There is always an instant connection with the audience. While performing spoken word for under a year, Luckey has captivated audiences on some of the most prominent stages in Houston and surrounding areas. When she is not transferring her thoughts or life experiences into “floetry”; she enjoys spending time with family, helping out in her community, collecting or reading books, and listening to inspirational music.

When asked, why poetry… here is what Luckey had to say:
“The seasoned generation respect my versatile verses because I pour out all of my passion once I hit the stage; it’s heartfelt. I don’t have to use derogatory language to get my point across. It’s raw with a touch of spirituality; hence my stage name – Spiritually Feministic. It’s humbling and it helps them to remember where they came from (if for some reason they forgot). My poetry is reminiscent and touches many souls. I speak eternal language on matters that people seem to be so drawn to while living in this temporary world.

Whether young or seasoned, my poetry is intriguing to all. The younger generation relate to it because of the commonalities we share in life; it sheds light on situations and issues that we face in today’s world. It is inspiring and encouraging to those who are critical on themselves or don’t believe that they can aspire to be better. My verses are educating in an entertaining, rhythmic format; and regardless of what neighborhood one is from, through my gift…I know how to make a connection with poetry. I believe in the years to come, my poetry will be labeled as classic.”


For booking, interviews or tickets for any upcoming events, please email us: HoustonTalentManagement@gmail.com.

Veronica B., Publicist

Get Name Necklace Offering One of the Industry’s Finest Collections of Unique Jewelries for Girls

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Get Name Necklace, the big name in the world of jewelry, is happy to announce the finest collection of unique and personalized jewelries for girls.

Never settle for ordinary bracelets and necklaces for girls. Focus on the beauty and craftsmanship of the fine charms. One will find it at Get Name Necklace. As a leader in manufacturing unique jewelries for girls and with so many years of experience as a jeweler, Get Name Necklace is an online jewelry store that everybody can trust. Ladies who want to have the best can visit the store now and browse through the wide selection of girls rings, charm bracelets of girls, girl’s necklaces and many more.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a gift for loved ones or a treat for yourself, Get Name Necklace unique rings, necklaces and bracelets and other jewelries for girls are certain to impress and dazzle. Get Name Necklace is the only store online synonymous with love. You ca browse the wide selection of jewelries and look for the best one ideal for you,” says a designer from Get Name Necklace.

“Our wide selection of rings for girls also takes account of unforgettable silver rings and unique fashionable rings with birthstone and much more,” he added.

Get Name Necklace has a wide selection of bracelets ideal for spoiling and treating a special someone. Look for the best birthday present and choose from a stunning range of necklaces that can be customized. The wide selection of pendant and necklace will surely compliment any outfit.

About Get Name Necklace
Get Name Necklace is a Hong Kong based company. They are the leading manufacturer of fashionable and remarkable jewelries. The company employs professional designers to turn initials and names into beautiful pieces of jewels. Extensive categories like name necklaces, family pendants and monogram chocker necklaces come with high quality and viable pricing through using the newest in jewelry making technology. Plant procedures are properly organized in order to provide a well-organized service delivery.

For more information about silver rings, personalized necklaces as well as other exceptional jewels for girls, please feel free to visit Get Name Necklace website at http://www.getnamenecklace.com/mens-Jewelry or call their customer hotline number at. Order now!

Taking pleasure in playing Skyforge with Skyforge credits online

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Now, you can avail Skyforge credits at your nearest online gaming house in the most affordable cost.

The credits in Skyforge are the in-game currency for this impending game, Skyforge. The gamers can enjoy playing Skyforge with the credits in the open trading method. Based on the inclusion of weekly caps on the specific development of the currency, it indicates that characters can go to level cap through buying their way. Moreover, the gamers can intensify their pace of development; they do not have the merits over the others ones in the identical level. On the other hand, there are the restrictions of monetization of Skyforge. You opt to purchase Skyforge credits online because you need to save time in gathering credits in the diverse aspects of the gameplay. You need to equip your character in the very beginning. Here, credits can help you a lot. If you do not have credits initially in your hand, it will be difficult for you to decorate your character and accelerate the leveling up process.

As a gamer, you should know that Skyforge comes out as a free-to-play AAA Sci-Fi imaginary MMORPG. It comprises a stunning action-based combat method. It is arranged in a world in which the imaginary negotiates Sci-Fi and olden secrecies stay alongside with the cutting-edge technologies. Skyforge carries the players to an outstanding universe in which the mortals along with the immortals take part in battling for survival against attacking the gods and their armies. The project of Skyforge has been in progression since the year, 2010 and the first closed Beta Test was available to choose the players on March 11, 2015 for the PC. The servers in NA and EU are accessible currently. The players need a good amount of cheap Skyforge credits to develop the character. When gaining credits seem difficult, the players opt to purchase this in-game currency in exchange of real world money.

The classes
There are several groups of classes in Skyforge relying on the accessing level. The beginners do have the access to three classes in the very beginning of the game including Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder. When a gamer finishes the different adventures and gains the awards slowly, the intermediate and advanced classes can have five in each. A Berserker is an intermediate class and it is to need some days from the beginning of the game to have the access to it. Conversely, playing as a Gunner, one might have to spend some weeks expanding the character since it belongs to the advanced group.

The classes can be altered anytime or anywhere. There are no benefits of gamers in PvP or PvE activities, if they can be able to accelerate the character development with the actual money and development. To gain more prestige, the players can purchase Skyforge Argents or Skyforge Credits. The gamers can go for trading credits for SF Argents through the market.

As we all are thrilled for Skyforge or carefully intrigued, the team of Skyforge is satisfied to disclose today that Open Beta of Skyforge has been available for Europe and North America. This fantastic game is going to the Western Audience this summer. Other than the Beta Status, one can be able to log into the game and turns out to be gods.

Soft Island Technology Co., Ltd.

GRELIS, The Little Search Engine That Could

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Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS) founder Tom Rapko has developed a specialized search engine that focuses exclusively on real estate. Rapko offers people a better way to search for property, via keywords.

Another day, another real estate website it seems like, but this time it’s different according to Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS) founder Tom Rapko.

Rapko concedes this was an ambitious undertaking given the multitude of real estate websites already in existence. Traditionally, the real estate search process begins and ends on a local platform which may or many not have a global presence. Listings are typically restricted to a defied zip code and then “stove-piped” back to the originating website. GRELIS changes that paradigm using niche search technology.

“GRELIS is a completely different way to accurately search for exactly the type of properties a user would like, but perhaps never considered the true parameters of a global search, and the extremely cool types of possibilities that exist,” Rapko commented. “That’s where GRELIS works its magic; it scours the internet for real estate listings, aggregates their listing keywords into a massive database, and then links back to the actual listing provider in the context of a search result.”

Although search engines have been around for years, they have largely ignored the value of niche search. By using dynamic keyword search, GRELIS lets users enter virtually any keyword into the search field and the algorithm will hunt for matching property listings from around the world; castles, villas, beach houses, farms, ranches, private islands, airstrips, vineyards, equestrian sites, anything really, can all be found instantly!

“The GRELIS database is continually growing and, as chaos theory suggests, limitless. This of course makes GRELIS very addictive,” warns founder Tom Rapko. “GRELIS is a great destination to start an adventure. This platform offers literally millions of search possibilities from all over the world.”

With over 10,000,000 search results indexed in the first month alone, GRELIS sees exponential growth ahead as the platform is rolled out to the public for real world testing. Going forward Rapko hopes to ramp up hiring and improve the user experience via the quality of the search results in terms of their quantity, relevance, and speed of delivery.

Media Contact:
Thomas H. Rapko
Santa Barbara, CA
(617) 331-1784

ZPN – Reliable, Fast and Free VPN for everyone

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Here’s a great news for all those who are looking for a very secure, fast and reliable VPN. ZPN is now offering its clients the best VPN network without any sign up fees, no credit card and without any long term commitments as well.

Currently ZPN is also offering its users free accounts with monthly quota of 10GB. This offer hasn’t been made ever by any reliable VPN services in the market. ZPN offers its clients monthly, quarterly and yearly pricing packages as below:

Free – for basic internet user, $0/ month- 10GB fair usage quota

Mobile – for video enthusiasts, $1.99/month, 50GB of fair usage quota

Premium – for higher internet usage and needs – starting from $3.99/ month, unlimited usage quota and unlimited bandwidth

A VPN connection is necessary for secure and safe browsing. All online data using a VPN is passed through highly safe encrypted tunnel and no third parties, including internet service providers thus do not have any vision into the traffic of the user. ZPN offers this highly safe and secure VPN for its users and this feature alone, makes ZPN a much recommended internet add-on for everybody. ZPN has SSL feature for the firewalls that can capable of deep packaet inspection. Currently no other VPN in the market is providing internet usage bundles at such affordable prices and with such flexibility as ZPN.

About ZPN
ZPN is a VPN service which is easily accessible by all everybody. ZPN’s premium packages is affordable price and has no requirements at all. No traffic of the user is logged by ZPN and information is not shared to any third parties. One of the advantages of zpn is their service has no advertisement even its free.

ZPN has over 250 servers located all over the globe and users can access the servers without any restrictions. Users can be changed their location easily and it gives users the best speed, access to just about anywhere and also complete anonymity.

For more information please visit http://www.zpn.im.

Vostok Soft FZC
Rak Free Trade Zone
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates
Mail: suppot@zpn.im

Mixedmatch.Com Recommits To Helping Interracial Singles Find Love!

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MIXEDMATCH.COM, the premier interracial online dating site, mandate is simply to help persons seeking love and intimacy find the puzzle pieces to their love lives.

“That has been our mantra from day one, and it will continue for many years to come,” said a very confident match maker, Godwin E. Enogieru

Being proud of being the point person leading the charge for the best interracial dating website, the leading online meeting place for interracial dating, black and white relationship, Godwin said MixedMatch.Com has renewed its commitment to “helping and connect singles from all over the world that shares similar interest.”

To merely say; the MixedMatch.Com site is packed with great features that enable singles to communicate in their comfort zone, as it relates to their search for interracial romance, it’s simply an understatement.
According to the site’s spokesperson, “MixedMatch.Com race or ethnicity has no boundary.”

“If you are looking to fulfill your dream – that is finding your dream date, meet and socialize with all race and nationality. Then there are no worries. Joining is free, and you can begin right this minute,” noted the spokesperson.

MixedMatch.Com is a premier website that has great features, including live chat, Instant message, affiliate programs, etc.

Their recently released Android and IOS mobile apps have leveled the plowing filed for many.

“Scared and afraid this might not be for you, because you have tried and failed in your attempts in finding love, following are a list of our FAQs that might help you understand more about what we are about and how we can help you fulfill your dating dream,” Godwin.

Q: How secured is MixedMatch.Com site?
ANS: MixedMatch.Com valued your safety and security, our website is highly secured. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe. We uses secure sockets layer protocol, to protect electronically transmitted information to our site.

MixedMatch.Com automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the MixedMatch.Com site, our server checks that you’re using an approved browser – one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher.

Once your information reaches the MixedMatch.Com site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. MixedMatch.Com servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers – yours.

Q: When did this site started?
ANS: MixedMatch.Com website was launched in April 2003.

Q: What is the Benefit of a VIP member?
ANS: As a VIP member you have full access to the entire site features, however, free members has limited access.

Q: What is the different between buying User Credit and Subscribe?
ANS: With VIP subscription you pay only $50 for 90 days full access to the entire site features, not a recurring billing, it is a one-time payment. However, you have option to renew as deemed. Meanwhile, “User Credits” are for members who choose not to subscribe as VIP. You buy User Credit and use whenever needed.

Q: How do I get free User Credits?
ANS: You can get free “User Credits” by login daily to the site, by posting photos, by posting on forum, and adding videos. Member can also grant other members free “User Credits”. If you have enough User Credit on your account you’re able to grant other members free User Credit to enable you guys communicate.

Q: How carefully do you review the site content?
ANS: All profiles and photos are reviewed before they get posted on MixedMatch.Com. Usually the process takes less than 24 hours, but mostly it is done within an hour or immediately posted. We remove members who are unfit to date as described in the terms of use.

Q: What browsers work best with the site?
ANS: Generally the latest browsers are best to view MixedMatch.com website, also our site is mobile responsive and friendly to any smart phone.

Q: What is the Hotlist or Bookmarking capability?
ANS: You can Bookmark other members, but no information about that member is shared. The feature is only to help you keep a list of your favorite members. HOTLIST helps put your profile on spotlight – it enables other members see your profile first and in Hotlist column, great way to get more visitors to your profile.

Q: How do I search for other members?
ANS: There are a variety of search options such as quick, keyword, gender, online, photo, city, username, and detailed. There is also a matchmaker, my match and members that most compatible to you.

Q: Do I need to join the Affiliate Program?
ANS: Yes, the MixedMatch.Com Affiliates program is open to both members and non-members of our site. It enable you earn money with us.

For further information how MixedMatch.Com works, and how to become a member of their affiliate program, the site’s spokesperson invites everyone to visit their site and become more acquainted.

Media contact:
P. O. Box 741564
Dallas, Texas 75374
Tel: 1 (877) 797- 9574

Automotive Brands Offer Early Road Map For Location-Based Marketing – AdExchanger

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loren-hillbergData-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.

Today’s column is written by Loren Hillberg, president and general manager at Thinknear by Telenav.

Automotive marketing has long been organized into three well-established tiers, comprising a system that offers interesting lessons for other industries.

Brands make up the first tier, followed by regional dealer groups in the second tier and individual dealers in the third. Historically, each tier is responsible for its own portion of the marketing funnel, with distinct tactics to reach customers throughout their purchase journey.

Automotive marketers were early adopters of location-based mobile advertising and have effectively leveraged different data and different creative strategies across each tier. For example, tier-one brand strategies focus on location-based demographic targeting, with video and rich media creative to build brand awareness.

Meanwhile, the regional dealer groups that make up tier two often veer toward regional location targeting strategies with incentive programs, designed to highlight large scale sales events and increase consideration. And the individual tier-three dealers tend to leverage proximity targeting, while emphasizing dealer locations, conquesting and local inventory in an effort to close the transaction.

I believe major consumer brands upping their investments in mobile advertising can learn from the auto vertical’s use of location data to better link their targeting and creative strategies. This will ultimately create a better brand experience for consumers.

Tiered Marketing

Brands in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, for example, could be prime candidates to take advantage of the auto industry’s tiered marketing approach.

At the top end of the funnel, CPG marketers may apply a tier-one strategy to create brand awareness in crowded categories that often include incumbent heavyweights. Top-of-funnel marketing is often mistakenly associated with a lack of targeting, but mobile marketing actually provides marketers with great tools to deliver brand experiences to a core audience.

Demographic and life-stage targeting based on home neighborhood traits allows for segmentation, and marketers can deploy campaigns featuring rich media or video to build awareness through mobile engagement. Due to the significant growth of on-screen time for mobile devices, these campaigns can be operated at scale with great reach.

The strategy looks different from the tier-two perspective. Here, CPG marketers can leverage location-based behavioral data to drive purchase consideration. Mobile location data can identify consumers who visit specific categories of stores or brands. The data can be used to create specific audiences based on consumers’ real-world behavior. Creative at this level often focuses on product circulars highlighting promotions, new features or core product line extensions.

For lower-funnel tier-three tactics, CPG marketers can focus on driving in-store purchases and reaching in-market consumers based on their proximity to a store location. A common tactic, for instance, is retargeting consumers who have visited stores where the product is available for purchase. Ad creative at this stage should center on value exchange with the consumer. Supplying product information, coupons or directions to the nearest store are all proven strategies.

Advantages To Tiering In Non-Automotive Industries

A major advantage to the tiered approach for non-automotive brands is precisely how seamless and sequential the approach can be. Unlike automotive tiers, which rely on wholly different organizations and budgets across the path to purchase, a non-automotive brand can approach each “tier” as part of the same campaign and under the same budget. This can lead to greater continuity and fluidity of messaging across tiers – something that the automotive industry can find challenging when different parties are calling the shots along the way.

As the mobile space continues its rapid expansion, marketers are hungry for frameworks and tools to improve campaign effectiveness. The one-size-fits-all model that has been used to test mobile must now give way to more thoughtful and comprehensive strategies and tactics. The most successful marketers are spending the time and money to ensure that targeting strategies and campaign creative are closely aligned for each step in the path to purchase. Automotive has paved that road – bad pun intended – and now other industries can learn from its early efforts to maximize their ROI opportunity.

Follow Loren Hillberg (@lhillberg), ThinkNear (@Thinknear) and AdExchanger (@adexchanger) on Twitter.

Erykah Badu Shares FEEL BETTER, WORLD! Mixtape

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Erykah Badu has shared a mixtape of soul, jazz, and iconic funk music including Eddie Kendrick’s “My People…Hold On” and RAMP’s “Come Into Knowledge”, Okayplayer reports.

The mix was posted along with the following message:

LOVE, ms. badu

Listen to the entire thing above.

Back in May, Erykah Badu performed a 17-minute medley with the Roots in Philadelphia. The mix included Badu’s “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)”, the Roots’ “Act Too (Love of My Life)”, Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”, Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.”, Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”, and much, much, more. Watch the performance below.

What Are You Waiting For?