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Yearly Archives: 2015

New Range of Beach Wedding Dresses from PickedDress

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September 1, 2015, Australia- “PickedDress”, a leading online store offering high quality special occasion dresses is pleased to announce that it has recently launched its latest range of exquisite beach wedding dresses for customers worldwide. The fresh range has hundreds of trendy and popular styles in it.

PickedDress.com is one of the most reputable online suppliers of women’s dresses. In fact, when it comes to beach wedding dresses, special occasion dresses or bridesmaid dresses, it has become a one-stop online store for women worldwide. Their latest collection of beach wedding dresses features several great styles to choose from, including strapless beach wedding dresses, halter floor-length beach wedding dresses, beading chiffon beach wedding dresses, V-neck satin beach wedding dresses, to name a few. Moreover, they are offering these dresses at surprisingly low rates, which keep them well within the budgets of average customers. All the dresses are made out of finest material and display finest craftsmanship.

Not only these dresses are comfortable to wear, but can enhance the glam quotient of any beach wedding party and transform it into an extravaganza.

For more information, or to go through their catalogue, simply visit: http://www.pickeddress.com/beach-wedding-dresses-c_4/

Website: http://www.pickeddress.com/
Email: service@pickeddress.com
Contact Person: Jarl Borg
Phone: 9999999999

Membo: Most Advanced Memory Management App for Android

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September 1, 2015, United States- Membo is a powerful mobile Memory Management App specially designed for Android Smartphone users. This new dynamic app is compatible with almost all Android OS smartphones, and is fully capable of monitoring the mobile system in the background, while allowing the user to free the resources when needed.

It gives users with a quick and easy overview of their phone’s memory, where they can see the running apps and kill memory hogs immediately. Moreover, users can extend the battery life of their phone by using built in tools. In other words, it gives smartphone users the power to properly manage the memory of their phone, and keep their Android smartphone running faster and efficiently. It allows the users to boost their smartphone’s performance by making more memory available for both the mobile system and the applications.

Some of the Key Benefits of Using Membo:
•    No more lagging of phone after prolonged use
•    Prevents backgrounds apps from wasting phone’s battery
•    Boosts the performance of phone and prevents it from becoming unresponsive

The Membo app represents the best technical and design efforts that brings smartphone users a technically advanced, yet user-friendly memory management utility.

For more information, simply visit: http://memboapp.com/

Contact Person: Jarl Borg
Phone: 9999999999
Email: snel365@gmail.com

MyComms: New Social Networking Site Aims to Build a Community

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September 1, 2015, Grandville, Michigan, United States-Social networking sites provide people with a platform to stay connected with each other and share their views. However, the new social networking site www.MyComuniti.com intends to offer much more than what other popular social networking sites are currently offering. It aims to build communities, where people, volunteers and organizations can come together, discuss their views and organize events in their neighborhood or worldwide.

According to one of the representatives of MyComms: “Our website brings together volunteers that organize events and create community/groups in their neighborhoods and worldwide. The whole community benefits from the gifts of much needed help, emotional support, and peace of mind, while volunteers find meaning in giving back to those in need.”

Founded by James Nwazouke (CEO), MyComms is a unique concept that has been created solely for the purpose of providing people from all walks of life with an opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals and groups, and make life better in their community. Through this platform volunteers and organizations can connect with each other, spread their views and organize special events in their community. Signing up with the site is completely free and anybody can join and start making connections with other members of the site. Moreover, users can create groups, organize events or join events organized by other members of the site.

For more information, simply visit: https://www.mycomuniti.com/

Company Name: MyComms
Contact Person: Jarl Borg
Phone: 1-614-300-7730
Email: admin@mycomuniti.com
Address: MyComms
2885 Sanford Ave SW
Suite #30850
Grandville, Michigan 49418

A 15-feature “travel jacket” with eyemask and neck pillow is Kickstarter’s …

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Air travel is miserable. Aside from all the hassles of getting on the plane, once you’re in your cramped little seat it becomes difficult to do anything but sit upright, elbows tucked, and wait for the journey to be over.

In testament to what a nightmare it is, a Kickstarter campaign for a “travel jacket” designed to make flying more comfortable has become the crowd-funding site’s most successful clothing campaign ever.

The jacket has gotten a good deal of press over the past several weeks, and as of Sep. 2, it has gained more than 40,000 backers pledging in excess of $8 million. The jacket’s creator, Chicago-based company BauBax, only originally set out to gather $20,000. The pledges are ticking up every minute.

The jacket’s retail price starts at $160 (plus taxes/shipping). It comes in four different styles—sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer—and boasts 15 features targeting the varied torments of air travel, though they’re useful for any kind of travel really. Among them are earphone holders, an iPad pocket, a drink pocket that fits a can of soda, gloves that extend from the sleeves, a telescoping pen built into the front zipper that doubles as a stylus, a passport pocket, and a hood that includes an inflatable neck pillow and sleep mask.

The BauBax travel jacket
Rest easy.(Kickstarter)

The funding campaign’s success is an amazing feat for a jacket that is definitely more about utility than aesthetics, but it makes sense when you consider the constraints of flying.

Airline seats, for instance, are now 1.5 inches narrower than they used to be, and airlines are experimenting with hellish new methods of compressing passengers into planes, such as somehow squeezing in more seats per row, or even staggering the way seats face so that you could end up staring at the person next to you for your entire flight.

It’s no wonder British Airways offers passengers mindfulness exercises to de-stress. A jacket—or any innovative product—that allows economy fliers to achieve some sort of comfort and access to their essentials would be a hit.

The first batch of Kickstarter backers will get their jackets this month. The rest of the orders will start shipping in November, just in time for the busy holiday travel season.

Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon found dead in car at Calico Basin – Las Vegas Review

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A Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon was found dead Tuesday in his car at Calico Basin in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Dr. William John Rifley III, 55, died from a gunshot wound to the head, Clark County coroner’s office staff said Wednesday. His death was ruled a suicide.

The founder of the Rifley Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, 2800 N. Tenaya Way, was found about 8 a.m. at the Calico Basin turnoff from State Route 159, Las Vegas police said.

Rifley graduated from the University of Arizona School of Medicine, then went on to complete a residency at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, according to his practice’s website. He received his plastic surgery license from the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners in 1995.

Clark County court records show Rifley was the defendant in two malpractice suits in 2011 and a third in 2014, which remains open. In 2004, he was ordered to pay over $300,000 to a patient who alleged he performed numerous unnecessary surgeries that caused permanent disability.

Contact Kimberly De La Cruz at kdelacruz@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0381. Find her on Twitter: @KimberlyinLV

Proficient Garage Door Services Now Approachable In Houston with the Help of Houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.Com

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Houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.com is a Houston based garage service providing company. The company is offering efficient garage door installation and repairing service at very affordable price.

Houston TX (Sept 01, 2015) – All the services regarding the garage doors are being provided affordably and proficiently in Houston. The service provider company is presenting high quality services including installing, repairing and garage door opener. The company is assuring the Houston based clients about the efficient troubleshooting, diagnosing and solution providing for all types of garage door repair Houston. The Houston based company also offers garage door installation with standard quality garage doors like wooden doors, carriage house doors and steel doors. The company is promising about the long life and high quality of materials used in the garage doors.

Houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.Com is claiming to be a very dedicated and professional garage service providing company. According to the company, all the employees working for it are highly skilled and experienced. The employees are capable of solving any complex problem regarding the installation as well as repairing of garage doors. The company promises to reach the customers within minimum time possible whenever they are contacted for help. The Houston based company has expertise in dealing with all brands and types of garage doors and hence they are assuring about the proficient and high quality service at affordable price.

About Houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.Com:
Houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.Com is a leading service provider for garage doors in Houston. The Houston based company deals with the installation and repairing of garage doors. The company provides the efficient service in the areas like Alvin, Bellaire, Channelview, Clear Lake, Cypress, Dear Park, Houston, Kingwood, Liberty and many other nearby places. The garage door repair Houston service provider is hugely trusted and recommended in the nearby locations due to its highly professional and sustainable garage door services.

For more information about garage door repair Houston, please visit http://houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.com

Shem Omana
Email: info@houstontxgaragedoorsrepair.com
Phone: 713-490-5977

The Next Big Things for 2016? Branded Niche Communities?

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Chicago, IL (Sept 01, 2015) – Eric Hays and David Garside have launched a new site focused on conversations around Branded Communities.  They believe that niche based communities are the “Next Big Thing” coming to the World Wide Web.  The Internet age has already given us big players companies like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They believe there is a lot of untapped potential to be found in the branded community space.

To create such an outlet, David Garside and Eric Hays built thebrandedcommunity.com to help build more awareness and focus on branded communities and the need to build more of them.  You can check out the site here: http://thebrandedcommunity.com

About SportsFYLE, LLC & thebrandedcommunity.com
Sportsfyle, LLC was founded in Chicago by Eric Hays and David Garside in 2014.  SportsFYLE is focused on recreational social profile management solutions.  They are focused on building the word “FYLE” to become synonymous with the word “PROFILE”.   Their first test niche based branded community is http://www.hockeyfyle.com.  The site will be launched officially to the public in the Fall of 2015 in conjunction of a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign.

2250 W Logan BLVD, Chicago, IL

Miami security guard blames George Zimmerman for arrest in killing of unarmed man

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Lukace Kendle, the security guard who fatally shot an unarmed black man and wounded another outside a North Miami-Dade strip club, took to the lecturn to act as his own lawyer.

“The reason the evidence was fabricated is because I’m white,” the pony-tailed, pointy-goateed Kendle said to jurors during the start of his murder trial on Tuesday.

Seconds later, Kendle went where the judge had warned him not to go.

“The subjects I shot were African American. I can prove that,” Kendle said. “What they’re not allowing me to tell you is that I was arrested because of the George Zimmerman shooting.”

Prosecutors howled in objection. Relatives of the slain man, 29-year-old Kijuan Byrd, shook their heads. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dava Tunis chastised Kendle.

“We discussed this at length,” Tunis said. “This is the only warning I’m giving. I ruled according to the law.”

So began the trial of Kendle, whose case again casts scrutiny on Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law — and the racial friction that surfaced when Zimmerman fatally shot Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin near Orlando in February 2012.

Kendle, 29, of Homestead, is accused of murdering Byrd and wounding Michael Smathers, who today remains paralyzed because of his injuries.

The shooting happened four months after Zimmerman, a white-and-Hispanic neighborhood watchman, fatally shot Trayvon during a confrontation in Sanford. Police, citing Florida’s self-defense law, did not initially arrest Zimmerman, who claimed the unarmed black teen was bashing his head in on the sidewalk.

The case sparked massive rallies across the country and calls for repeals of the controversial law, which eliminated a citizen’s duty to retreat before using deadly force to counter a threat. A jury acquitted Zimmerman of a murder charge after a nationally televised trial.

At the time, Byrd’s killing drew some media attention — his family, like Trayvon’s, was represented by civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, who called for Kendle’s arrest.

In the years since his death, Byrd’s relatives have focused their attention on passing legislation aimed to strengthening training and implementing mental-health evaluations for poorly trained security guards. A petition on Change.org netted over 40,000 supporters.

Byrd was a new father who had recently gotten a job with an electrician. Smathers worked in construction.

In the run-up to the trial, Kendle’s mental health was indeed an issue. On two occasions, a judge declared him mentally incompetent to proceed to trial; Kendle was later rehabilitated and insisted on representing himself.

During jury selection, Kendle declared he wanted an “all female African-American” jury to decide his case. He refused to allow his court-appointed stand-by counsel, Jamaican-American lawyer Abe Bailey, to sit by his side at the defendant’s table.

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade prosecutor Gary Winston laid out the state’s case.

Byrd and Smathers, longtime friends, had been barbecuing after work on June 1, 2012. Later that night, they went in Smathers’ Ford F-150 to Club Lexx, 12001 NW 27th Ave., to play some pool.

They were inside the truck, smoking a joint, when Kendle pulled up to begin his 11 p.m. shift. He pulled his car into the small spot immediately next to Smathers’ truck.

Outside the truck, Kendle began dressing in gear: an all-black uniform, vest, baton, gloves, a knife, ammunition and his gun. Some sort of confrontation occurred — but only Kendle was armed.

Kendle unleashed a torrent of bullets on the men, hitting Byrd numerous times in the back . “He was shot even as he tried to crawl to safety under Michael’s truck,” Winston told jurors.

Smathers, who is expected to testify, is now a paraplegic. “He will probably never walk again,” Winston said.

“This case is about the mystery of the defendant’s mind,” Winston said. “He exploded into anger.”

The killing was captured on video surveillance.

In his opening statement, Kendle did not shy away from admitting he shot the men. The defendant wore a dark suit, frenetically paced from side to side, his leg dragging from a belt attached to it that can shock an inmate if he turns violent in court.

Kendle proudly described himself as a “bouncer with a gun” with a degree in electrical engineering. “On the job they call me Juice,” he said.

Though he told jurors he would not be testifying, Kendle nevertheless recounted bits and pieces of his version of events, calling the men “forward aggressors” and parroting the language of the controversial law.

“They forced me to survive,” Kendle said. “I’m paid to protect. Having no duty to retreat, I stood my ground.”

Kendle claimed he couldn’t see the two men “who were behind positions of cover” when he fired.

The security guard was arrested one week after the shooting. The trial continues Wednesday.

“The Spirituality Center” Launch Connects the Spiritually Curious to Top Healers, Guides and Gurus in Live Online Classes

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Chicago, IL (Sept 01, 2015) – Learn It Live (www.learnitlive.com) announced today its latest initiative at connecting people around the world to top experts in live online sessions. The Spirituality Center (spirit.learnitlive.com), provides a forum for spiritual teachers around the world to setup, lead, and charge for live online classes for those seeking new ways to learn about spirituality.

The Center gives students the opportunity to discover and attend free and premium programs from some of the world’s top “gurus” on topics such as meditation, yoga, self-discovery, and personal development. Studentscan browse through the classes that are being offered and then sign up to attend a live class, which is recorded and available after the session has ended for later viewing. Each live session is interactive where participants can chat with the instructor and other students.

Sidney Slover, Learn It Live’s president stated, “quality instructors on spirituality topics are often difficult to identify or not available in most parts of the world. Many countries and cultures are not accepting of alternative spiritual practices, and I’ve seen personally so many amazing spiritual teachers who deserve the attention of large numbers of people, go undiscovered. We want to change that.”

The mission of the Spirituality Center is to:
• Build the world’s largest community of healers, teachers, guides, etc. to lead online programs
• Create the world’s largest community of people online seeking to learn about spirituality topics and accessing free and paid programs related to spirituality
• Be a center for light and truth and support the spiritual evolution of humanity

For more information visit https://spirit.learnitlive.com

Learn It Live Inc.
1000 W Fulton Market, Ste 213
Chicago, IL 60607
+1 855 LRN-IT-LV

A New Mobile App Introduces Neural Network Vision for Pictures

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A new app for android users called Deep Dream Photo Filter comes with various features like zooming endlessly into their photos or psychedelically distorting the photos in order to make them look weirdly attractive so as to enable everyone to enjoy the fun of neural networks.

A new mobile app called ‘Deep Dream Photo Filter’ has come up with advanced options like zooming endlessly into their photos or distorting the photos in order to make them look weirdly attractive so as to enable one to enjoy the fun of neural networks.

The underlying concept is to let artificial neural networks, that have been trained on thousands of images from the internet, hallucinate their way of seeing the world onto the photos of the app user.

This is an app for android phones and the users need to have 2.3.3 version or higher. The app is already getting popularity because of the various special options it provides that make it easier to produce digital art.

It is noteworthy that in today’s world of enhanced social media interaction people are always looking for ways to improve their online presence and thus, photography is one of the mediums via which they try to improve their appearance. So, people are always welcoming new styles which could provide them with that special touch for their visual art. So, in this regards the app Deep Dream is a beautiful app as it lets people have unlimited, creative fun with their photos.

There are various functions of the app that people find remarkably appealing. One of those is the ‘Zoom Journey’ that allows one to go as far as they want into the image and make further new discoveries. Then, there is the ‘Dream Deeper’ button which enables one to repeat the last image dream and make it stranger and even more fantastic. And finally, the ‘Guide Image’ function lets the user select an image that serves as a pair of tinted sunglasses, so to speak, through which the neural network will interpret the world – The user creates their very own and unique style.

For more information, please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.scydev.inceptionisme and http://deepdream.bitwhirl.com/

Lukas Saegesser
ScyDev GmbH
Email: apps@scydev.ch

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