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Century 21


Miguel: Wildheart

Tags : 

As perhaps the last vestige of grown-folks carnality in mainstream music, modern RB trades in the archetypes of masculinity; sweaty abs and dirty talk pushed by loverboys (Usher) and bad boys (Jodeci). Prince‘s flamboyance remains one of the biggest exceptions in the genre’s long and storied history, and the years since his purple reign are

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Creating Demand for Products, Services, and Ideas that Have Little to No Existing Search Volume

Tags : 

A lot of fantastic websites (and products, services, ideas, etc.) are in something of a pickle: The keywords they would normally think to target get next to no search volume. It can make SEO seem like a lost cause. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains why that’s not the case, and talks about the one

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The People Who Will Take Care Of You When You Get Too High (Online)

Tags : 

“The patterns are everywhere,” says Someone_Who_Isnt_You. By her own admission, she’s taken a dose of something weird, and now she’s tripping. How badly? “The purples look like fractals dancing on white alabaster clouds.” “Do you know how to meditate?” a user named _angel asks her. “Lay down, close your eyes, take nice long deep breaths, and relax

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Inside Disney’s Ambitious Plan To Build The Coolest Toy Of The Decade

Tags : 

With Iron Man’s repulsor strapped to my arm, I fly through Manhattan on a mission to defend my city. I throw my forearm in front of my face to defend the oncoming blows, and I feel the kick against my armor when I come under enemy fire. I’m not watching a new film, I’m not playing a

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DARPA Wants To Make Soldiers Literally Fearless

Tags : 

Flying 30,000 feet over enemy territory, a cadre of troops prepares to to free-fall until the last possible moment in order to avoid detection. On the ground, they’ll need to move silently to rescue a captured soldier. Tension is high. So as they’re given a signal to prepare to jump, each soldier adjusts a dial that controls their nervous

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Njock Ayuk Eyong Paper Mills reports compliance to the environment protection regulations stipulated by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) of Kenya.

Tags : 

Jun 28th, 2015 – In a significant development that is bound to bring name and success, Njock Ayuk EyongPaper Mills announced that it has been given a green chit by NEMA, the environment regulator of Kenya, to commence production of maplitho grade printing and writing paper. Announcing this to the Press, Mr. Njock Ayuk Eyong,

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myPRSuite gave us powerful tools that helps our businesses stay on top of reviews, mentions and social network activity, but doesn't require an advanced math degree to use... Needless to say, WE LOVE IT!

John T.

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OMG Rob, we are going crazy here! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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I wake up every morning and used to have time to check my rankings, now I wake up and have orders to fill all day!

Steve N.

( SEO Client with a Shopping Cart Website )

"Rankings #holyshitihaveahugesmile"

David S.

( SEO Client with Penguin Recovery )

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